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Youth Mobiliser-Communication in Sustainable Waste Management & Social Inclusion


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Youth Mobiliser-Communication in Sustainable Waste Management & Social Inclusion

  • Country: India
  • Organization: UNV
  • Deadline: 2023-11-07
  • No of Vacancies: N/A
  • General
    Description of assignment title
    Youth Mobiliser-Communication in Sustainable Waste Management & Social Inclusion
  • Assignment country
  • Expected start date
  • Sustainable Development Goal
    6. Clean water and sanitation
  • Volunteer category
    National UN Volunteer Specialist
  • Host entity
  • Type
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Number of assignments
  • Duty stations
    New Delhi

Mission and objectives
As the United Nations lead agency on international development, UNDP works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality. We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities, and to build resilience to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Our work is concentrated in three focus areas; sustainable development, democratic governance and peace building, and climate and disaster resilience. UNDP’s mandate is to end poverty, build democratic governance, rule of law, and inclusive institutions. We advocate for change, and connect countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

UNDP has been working in India since 1951 in almost all areas of human development. To-gether with the Government of India and development partners, we have worked towards eradicating poverty, reducing inequalities, strengthening local governance, enhancing commu-nity resilience, protecting the environment, supporting policy initiatives and institutional reforms, and accelerating sustainable development for all.
With projects and programmes in every state and union territory in India, UNDP works with na-tional and subnational government, and diverse development actors to deliver people-centric results, particularly for the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. As the integrator for collective action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the UN system, we are committed to supporting the Government of India’s national development vision and priorities and accelerating the achievement of the SDGs for the people and the planet.

UNDP India’s current Country Programme, 2018-2022, is in its final year of implementation. Our new Country Programme (2023-2027), which comes into effect in 2023, builds on our pri-or work and aims to provide an integrated approach to development solutions in three strategic portfolios:
• Strong, accountable, and evidence-led institutions for accelerated achievement of the SDGs
• Enhanced economic opportunities and social protection to reduce inequality, with a fo-cus on the marginalized
• Climate-smart solutions, sustainable ecosystems and resilient development for reduced vulnerability

South-South cooperation, gender equality and social inclusion are promoted across the pillars. The programme is supported by a framework of renewed partnerships and blended finance solutions, strategic innovation and accelerator labs, and data and digital architecture.

You are invited to join a team of future-smart development professionals to support India in achieving the national and globally agreed goals. As part of the UNDP team, your focus will be to work with diverse stakeholders to find country-specific solutions that lead to sustainable de-velopment and reach those furthest behind first.

The Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Project is designed to minimize negative impacts and risks to environment and human health in India. The aim is to enhance sustainable plastic waste management (segregation/collection/recycling) practices through a socio-technical model in line with Swachh Bharat Mission in India, while ensuring compliance with regulations and ensuring improved use of resources. The project targets institutionalization of waste pickers (safai sathis) through improved governance mechanisms, capacity building and improved social conditions. The project also targets community engagement to enhance responsible waste disposal behaviour, and cross-stakeholder engagements for improved action on plastics.

To achieve the project objective and outcomes, the project is structured in 4 components.

• Component 1 aims to develop, support, and implement an economically sustainable model (ESM) for packaging plastic waste management.
• Component 2 focuses on design and implementation of Pilots in Material Recovery Facilities (Swachhta Kendras) for improved plastic waste management in administra-tive wards of selected cities.
• Component 3 is directed mainly to design, sustain, and provide elements to institu-tionalize Swachhta Kendras in governance bodies and to obtain improved socio-economic conditions for waste pickers; and
• Component 4 aims towards developing knowledge management, monitoring and communication mechanisms based on in-built adaptive feedback system during the project duration

Within the framework of Plastic Waste Management, Utthaan Helpline, an initiative by UNDP, shines as a beacon of support and empowerment for Safai Sathis (waste workers). With a dedicated focus on social inclusion and enumeration assistance, Utthaan Helpline addresses the diverse needs of Safai Sathis and their families. By providing essential support and guidance, it facilitates Safai Sathis’ access to social security schemes in India. Serving as a vital lifeline, Utthaan Helpline connects Safai Sathis to opportunities, ensuring they can access social security schemes and benefits, transforming lives and leaving no one behind.

Task description
Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, PWM and overall guidance of Project Manager, PWM, the National UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

• Project Familiarization: Familiarize yourself with the Circular Economy & Waste Management Project of UNDP, including its goals, objectives, target audience, and key stakeholders.
• Communication Strategy Development: Develop a comprehensive communication strategy outlining the project’s key messages, communication channels, and engagement methods to effectively reach the target audience.
• Stakeholder Engagement: Identify and engage with relevant stakeholders, including government bodies, NGOs, businesses, and local communities. Foster partnerships and maintain regular communication to ensure project alignment and support.
• Content Creation: Create engaging and informative content such as articles, blog posts, social media updates, and press releases highlighting project milestones, success stories, and best practices in circular economy and waste management.
• Social Media Management: Manage official social media accounts, create and cu-rate content, respond to inquiries, and initiate discussions to raise awareness about the project and encourage public participation.
• Public Awareness Campaigns: Plan and execute public awareness campaigns utilizing various media channels (print, online, radio, TV) to educate the community about the importance of circular economy principles and waste management practices.
• Event Management: Organize workshops, seminars, webinars, and community events to disseminate information, gather feedback, and promote dialogue among stakeholders. Coordinate logistics, invitations, and participant engagement.
• Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor the effectiveness of communication strategies, analyse engagement metrics, and prepare regular reports detailing the reach, impact, and feedback received. Use this data to refine communication approaches.
• Partnership Building: Identify potential partners and sponsors to enhance the project’s visibility and outreach. Collaborate with businesses, schools, and community organizations for joint initiatives that promote circular economy principles.
• Documentation and Knowledge Sharing: Document project activities, achievements, and challenges. Prepare case studies, presentations, and reports for internal and external stakeholders. Facilitate knowledge sharing sessions to disseminate best practices and lessons learned.

The National UN Volunteer is expected to work closely with project managers and other team members to ensure seamless integration of communication efforts with project objectives.

Eligibility criteria
27 – 80

Candidate must be a national or legal resident of the country of assignment.

Required experience
3 years of experience in communication and media.
• Experience at the national or international level working with informal waste pickers, recycling workers, informal sector workers, social inclusion of marginal sector will be an added advantage.
• Strong familiarity with current theories and issues in gender, development studies and human rights.
• Experience in project implementation and coordination.
• Experience in community mobilisation and implementation of outreach activities.
• Demonstrated ability in working with different kind of stakeholders.
• Ability to develop partnerships and to network in the areas of waste management,
• Excellent interpersonal skills; culturally and socially sensitive; ability to work inclusively and collaboratively with a range of partners, including grassroots community members, religious and youth organizations, and authorities at different levels; familiarity with tools and approaches of communications for development;
• Ability to work and adapt professionally and effectively in a challenging environment; ability to work effectively in a multicultural team of international and national personnel;
• Solid overall computer literacy, including proficiency in various MS Office applications (Excel, Word, etc.) and email/internet; familiarity with database management; and office technology equipment;
• Analytical, negotiating, communication and advocacy skills.
• Excellent oral and written skills;
• Self-motivated, ability to work with minimum supervision; ability to work with tight deadlines.

Area(s) of expertise
Communication, Development programmes

Driving license

English, Level: Fluent, Required
Hindi, Level: Fluent, Desirable

Required education level
Bachelor degree or equivalent in Communication, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, English, or related fields

Competencies and values
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Teamwork and respect for diversity
• Commitment to continuous learning
• Planning and organizing
• Communication
• Flexibility
• Genuine commitment towards the principles of voluntary engagement

Other information
Living conditions and remarks
New Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region is a large and bustling metropolis of some 14 million people undergoing rapid changes. The capital city is an administrative, cultural and commercial center with modern amenities and well connected by air. It is a safe place with large expatriate community drawn from embassies, UN agencies, MNCs and foreign businesses. It has short moderate winter and long hot summer.

As this is a national UN Volunteer assignment, the UN Volunteer will be responsible for arranging his/her own housing and other living essentials. This position is based in New Delhi. National UN Volunteers are part of the malicious insurance plan. National UN Volunteers are expected to be culturally sensitive and adjust to the prevailing culture and traditions.

The contract lasts for the period indicated above with possibility of extensions subject to availability of funding, operational necessity and satisfactory performance. However, there is no expectation of renewal of the assignment.

The applicable Volunteer Living Allowance is provided monthly to cover housing, utilities and normal cost of living expenses. Life, health and permanent disability insurance are included (health insurance for up to 3 dependents – except for UN Community Volunteers), as well as final repatriation (if applicable).

You can check full entitlements at https://app.unv.org/calculator .

Inclusivity statement
United Nations Volunteers is an equal opportunity programme that welcomes applications from qualified professionals. We are committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, care protected characteristics. As part of their adherence to the values of UNV, all UN Volunteers commit themselves to combat any form of discrimination, and to promoting respect for human rights and individual dignity, without distinction of a person’s race, sex, gender identity, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, language, social origin or other status.

Note on Covid-19 vaccination requirements
Selected candidates for certain occupational groups may be subject to inoculation (vaccination) requirements, including against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) in line with the applicable host entity policy


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