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Business Specialist Consultant for a scalable DPG Incubator of the African Drone and Data Academy


Opportunity Deadline

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Job Description

  • Country: Kenya
  • Organization: UNICEF
  • Deadline: 2023-11-24
  • No of Vacancies: N/A

Activities and Tasks:

a) Work with the innovation scaling consultant and the broader Green Yoma team to facilitate a human-centered process for developing a scalable business model for ADDA and a DPG incubator based on the learnings from Niger and other campuses.

  1. Provide substantive input to the development and drafting of a scalable business model.
  2. Provide substantive input validate the key findings of the implementation and draft business plan including the UNICEF ADDA / Green Yoma ecosystem of partners.

Input will be related to the following:

Milestones and Resources Table
Milestones Activities
ADDA assets and resources Review of work done so far regarding the incubation hub and the evolution of ADDA. Map and assess the suitability of existing business models against ADDA’s model. Key informant interviews (KII) and focus group discussions (FGD), draw on Malawi CO, ESARO and OoI


Market Research Industry trends, supply analysis, and market gaps that ADDA fills.

Document review.

Target end users / customers Define the customer profile, learner’s profiles, and desired learning pathways/journeys. Consider synergies with GenU and Yoma pathways. KIIs and FGD, document review, workshops with private

sector partners.

Financial Model Desk review of actual project cost data from programs in Niger and

ADDA in Malawi, analysis of data.

Value proposition Define product prototypes for ADDA and “ADDA light” (I.e., certifications, upskilling of staff) and test the value proposition with potential future customers (I.e., WFP, industry, development and humanitarian agencies, agriculture, and construction firms). KIIs and

FGD, Document Review.

Reputational Risk Understand and assess potential points of reputational risks for UNICEF and potential mitigations. Ensure alignment with UNICEF values and mission including UNICEF’s innovation principles. Key informant interviews (KII) and focus group discussions (FD),

document reviews.

Partnerships Define potential strategic partnerships with complementary

organizations, and businesses.

Customer Feedback Implement customer pipeline, support local partner validating first customer engagement and generate feedback and integrate learning for ongoing improvement. This will be operationally implemented by

the national ADD-N organization with support from ANSI and

  UNICEF. The aim is to implement the training with paid costumers in

subsequent months.

Business Model Draft The business model includes a hypothesis for the target market, value proposition, revenue streams, cost structure, and distribution channels. This includes careful deliberation of intellectual property, legal implications, and social franchising approaches as well as the

role of both a training academy with an incubation hub.

Draft Operational Roadmap / Playbook Develop a playbook that includes an implementation plan for the ADD curriculum and incubation hub, operational timelines, procurement a

iteration, and M&E guidance.

Work relationships: The consultant will work in close consultation with Innovation Scaling Consultant for a DPG Incubator of the African Drone and Data Academy and the Innovation Manager.



Level of Effort



Schedule of


Advisory Services to develop and financial and ADDA Light Business Model providing guidance on feasibility, cost-sharing with local partners, IP management, copyright as DPG, adherence to UNICEF minimum requirements (certain group of age and gender), continued quality control through Virginia Tech, branding, financial sustainability and other to be

determined factors


20 October 2024

Input to ADDA / Green Yoma Scaling Operational Roadmap Draft providing guidance on operational roll-out of ADDA light as part of the wider strategy, including specific target countries, potential partners for implementation as well as funding, and the specific skill- set needed from ADDA graduates for the green economy as part of green yoma. 4

1 December 2024


Timeframes are negotiable pending factors outside the control of the consultant

All deliverables are to be completed in English, however materials in other languages including French may need to be consulted and reviewed as part of the process.

Payment schedule:

 See table above. Please note that the final remuneration will be negotiated by HR.

Desired competencies, technical background, and experience:

  1. Education: Master’s degree in management, Environmental management, Development, International Studies or similar.
  2. Experience with scaling innovation towards the SDGs. Experience working in the African context and with diverse stakeholders. Including an understanding of different business model options in the Third Sector.
  3. Ideally, experience working on multi-stakeholder projects — especially with the academic and private sectors.
  4. A minimum of 8 years of experience in the development sector and/ or innovation. Proven experience working with international organizations in the UN system.
  5. An understanding UAS in the African/development context.


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