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Information Management Officer (Protection Cluster)

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

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Job Description

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Information Management Officer (Protection Cluster)

  • Country: Congo
  • Organization: UNHCR
  • Deadline: November 21, 2023
  • No of Vacancies: N/A

Coordinate data and information management activities:
– Participate in the data and information management team and activities.
– Contribute to the design and implement data strategies and systems.
– Assist the data team and others communicate the status, value, and importance of data.
– Support the collection, storage, management and protection of data.
– Support consolidation of data systems, including the interoperability of operational data and systems.
– Ensure consistency of data and results for country, global and regional analysis, including cross border analysis and response.
– Support the coordination with HQ, external and regional partners on data and information management efforts
– Take part the relevant IM network (internal and external) on refugee. IDP, etc and related issues.
– Support data security, data protection and responsible data-sharing.

Support offices with data and information management:
– Support the analysis of primary and secondary data for interpretation and evidence-informed decision making.
– Support the monitoring of data and information management activities in offices for integrity, veracity, reliability and credibility and compliance with policies.
– Provide technical and training support to operations.
– Support assessments and situational analysis process with analytical frameworks, data collection, and analysis (standards, methodologies).
– Support planning process (standards, methodologies) with data and statistical analysis and quality assurance on Theories of Change and indicators.
– Support monitoring by providing quality assurance to the monitoring methodologies, data collection and analyses.
– Review and assess country or region-specific data systems and needs; provide recommendations to regional bureau.

Undertake data and information management activities at the Global/Regional/Country level:
– Help consolidate data and information for country, regional and global analysis.
– Undertake data management activities (definition of needs, data collection, analysis, storage and dissemination)
– Support analysis for comparative country, regional and global analysis, including political and socio-economic trends.
– Take part in planning processes (COPs, regional RRP, regional migration response plans, etc.).
– Support cross-country assessment and situational analysis, such as in regional RRP situation or COP.
– Support the analysis of trends concerning changes at the outcome and impact levels.
– Develop information management products such as indicators, templates, maps and dashboards.
– Help ensure data is curated and stored in data registries and libraries in accordance with standards.
– Undertake geospatial and statistical analysis.
– Provide population movement tracking systems and other population data systems.
– Support web-based data portals.
– Support solutions for meeting `communication with communities¿ information and data needs.

Work in close collaboration with:
– All staff to further data literacy and assist in interpretation the data;
– Registration staff regarding the use of individual and personally identifiable data collected or managed by UNHCR;
– Programme staff on the data and information aspects of assessment, targeting and monitoring (three most data driven aspects of the OMC);
– Cluster coordinators and partners on data and information needs in UNHCR-led cluster operations, including HNO and HRP processes.
– Inter-agency staff on the development, coordination and monitoring of country and/or regional responses plans;
– Protection staff on the design, implementation and analysis of protection and case monitoring systems;
– Operations coordinators and reporting officers on the design and delivery of data and information management products for internal and external consumption;
– Sectors technical experts on the methodologies, formats, storage and dissemination of sectoral data and information, including cross sector analysis.
– Senior management to understand and serve their information and knowledge needs.
– Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Years of Experience / Degree Level
For P2/NOB – 3 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 2 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 1 year relevant experience with Doctorate degree


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