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International Consultancy: Programme Coordinator for ESAR Mentorship Programme (Home Based)


Opportunity Deadline

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Job Description


International Consultancy: Programme Coordinator for ESAR Mentorship Programme (Home Based)

  • Country: Kenya
  • Organization: UNICEF
  • Deadline:  2023-11-19
  • No of Vacancies: N/A

Work Assignment and Expected Deliverables:

The selected consultant will develop a 10 months-long mentorship program to start in February 2024. The mentor pre-program training will be delivered virtually by the consultant jointly with UNICEF staff.

  1. Preparation for launch of mentorship program for the year 2024.

The consultant will draft communication and campaign material to share among all staff in the region, highlighting the program, expected commitment, benefits and the final objective. The consultant will also support in matching process of mentors and mentees and where required, outreach for identification of qualified mentors.

The consultant will also design and deliver orientation sessions for mentees and mentors to effectively onboard them. Both sessions will not be less than one hour long.

  1. Management of Monthly Activities

The consultant will schedule monthly sessions and will share outlook invites with the selected participants. S/he will, in consultation with the supervisor, identify monthly topics for the session, prepare PowerPoint Presentations and will co-deliver the monthly sessions in coordination and collaboration with the ESAR-RHR team. The consultant will also maintain AGORA Page (UNICEF’s Learning Hub) for the Mentorship Program and will troubleshoot where necessary.

  1. Closure of Mentorship Programme

The consultant will bring the mentorship program to a closure through final presentation for the mentors and mentees, at the end of the program and will present guidance on how to close off the relationship in a healthy way. (The content should complement the final webinar content to be delivered to both mentees and mentors). The consultant will also conduct required survey among the participants, prepare Final Report and will submit it for approval of the supervisor before 15th of December 2024.

Launch of the 2024 mentorship Program (enabling the program to start in February 2024)


Review and finalization of the draft concept note with overall design of the programme. Concept note should include the following: selection process, criteria for being a mentor and mentee, programme schedule, M&E tools, online application form etc. 

10 working days



Mentor Training sessions on a monthly basis from April to December 2024 (9 months)


Monthly webinars for mentors and mentees (visual PPT with speaker’s script)


Monthly emails


Planning form for mentors and mentees


10 working days per month (90 days total)



Closure of Mentorship Programme


As annex, all the relevant PPTs and other materials used in the program


Detailed assessment of the program, lessons learned and recommendation for way forward


Report on review conducted of programme progress.  This can be through Survey Result or other methods used for collection of feedback from the participants to be incorporated into next year’s mentorship program


5 working days



Reporting requirements:

To whom will the consultant report (supervisory and any other reporting /communication lines):

The consultant will be reporting to Regional Chief HR.

What type of reporting will be expected from the consultant and in what format/ style will the submissions of reports/outputs be done:

Weekly summaries and monthly consolidated reports based on the required deliverables and scope of work.

How will the consultant consult and deliver work and when will reporting be done:

Expected number of days for the consultancy is 105 days.

The Consultant will be based in their home location and will provide monthly deliverables based on an agreed workplan and delivery schedule. There is no expectation of travel.

The consultant will, on a regular basis, produce a workplan for the month to be submitted the first of the month in consultation with the supervisor where the key deliverables will be outlined based on the terms of reference which will be signed by the consultant and the supervisor. Where amendments arise during the month, a formal email will be shared and attached to the monthly report.

Performance indicators for evaluation of results

The performance of work will be evaluated based on the following indicators:

  • Completion of tasks specified in TOR
  • Compliance with the established deadlines for submission of deliverables
  • Quality of work
  • Demonstration of high standards in cooperation and communication with the mentorship participants
  • Submission of reports

Payment schedule

All payments, without exception, will be made upon certification from the supervisor of the contract, of the satisfactory and quality completion of deliverables and upon receipt of the respective and approved invoice.

Once monthly reports are approved and signed by the supervisor, the consultant will issue a receipt for payment against the approved monthly report.

Desired competencies, technical background, and experience

Academic qualification:

  • University degree in related field such as sociology, human resources or education. (25%)

Work experience:

  • At least 5 years of prior experience in instructional design including work samples that demonstrate both online and virtual development experience. (25%)
  • At least 5 years of verifiable prior experience in mentorship program design and delivery, preferably with the UN. (40%)


  • Fluency in English both excellent written and verbal skills are required. Knowledge of another UN working language is an asset. (10%)


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