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Consultant; Monitoring & Evaluation – multisectoral programming. Req # 567388

United States

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Job Description

United States

Consultant; Monitoring & Evaluation – multisectoral programming. Req # 567388

  • Country: USA
  • Organization: UNICEF 
  • Deadline:  2023-11-21
  • No of Vacancies: N/A


For ROK – Maintaining and Strengthening Essential Health Services

  1. Facilitates global programme monitoring ensuring the availability and use of reliable information/insights for decision making.
  2. Facilitates technical narrative reporting ensuring donor, HQ technical teams and management have quality information to assess progress towards expected results.
  3. Facilitates programme knowledge management; facilitates development of monitoring and KM tools to provide qualitative evidence and demonstrate impact.
  4. Facilitates the grant management process across technical teams and HQ units, ROs and COs.
  5. Liaison with PPD for technical clearance of products ensuring PPD, ACT-A and HQ technical teams effectively coordinate and collectively address grant management requirements.
  6. Designs and rollouts an implementation research strategy.

For Climate, Energy, Environment, and Disaster Risk Reduction

  1. Evaluates existing CEED-related monitoring, reporting, and evaluation frameworks.
  2. Develops and refines the SCAP results framework
  3. Facilitates data consolidation and reporting, with the analysis and aggregation of CEED-related data, information, and reports from country offices (CSIs, COARs, etc.), including synthesizing key findings.


1. Programme performance monitoring

  • Facilitates programme data systems and processes to support tracking of progress.
  • Programme baseline and target values available.
  • Quality data on programme indicators available for tracking, course-correction, and mid and end-year reporting.
  • Technical assistance to facilitate CO programme monitoring systems, data quality improvement and use.

2. Programme reporting

  • Midyear global consolidated technical report is completed.
  • End-year technical report is produced.

3. Knowledge management and learning

  • Programme documents content are appropriately managed in UNICEF SharePoint and other enterprise management.

4. Facilitation

  • Advice on grant facilitation, and liaison with HQ technical leads, ROs and COs on an as-needed basis for strategic and technical input and programme alignment.

5. PPD Liaison and technical clearance of knowledge and advocacy products

  • Advises on liaison with PPD/donor and helps facilitate all necessary liaising activities

6. Implementation research

  • Conceptual and methodological approach to determine the effectiveness of interventions and increase understanding of the implementation contexts designed and rolled out

7. Technical M&E support to the CEED team

  • Assessment of results frameworks, by evaluating existing CEED-related monitoring, reporting, and evaluation frameworks, including a comprehensive review of the current Core Strategic Indicators (CSIs), Standard Indicators, and the PIDB coding system in Vision.
  • Development and refinement of SCAP results framework, by revising current CEED-related indicators, suggesting new ones, and proposing changes to the reporting system to enable effective monitoring of the progress of SCAP commitments.
  • Development of guidance for UNICEF Country Offices to support UNICEF Country Offices in effectively utilizing the results framework.
  • Data consolidation and reporting: analysis of CEED-related data, information, and reports from COs (CSIs, COARs, etc.), and provides a Key Findings document

Key Deliverables:

Programme performance monitoring

Completion and quality assurance of:

  • A report of baseline and target values in results frameworks of 22 Cos by 31 December 2023
  • A mid-year report on results framework of 22 Cos by 31 January 2024
  • Annual report on the results framework of 22 Cos by 31 July 2024
  • A dashboard (made using PowerBi) of analyzed data available for ROK project

Programme reporting          

  • A reporting template for mid and final reporting by 30 November 2023
  • A detailed analysis of midyear bullet point updates provided by 22 COs  by 29 February 2024
  • A global mid-year technical narrative report by 29 February 2024
  • A detailed analysis of end year (2023/2024) technical narrative reports from Cos by 31 August 2024
  • A global end-year (2023/2024) technical narrative report by 31 August 2024

Knowledge management and learning

  • A set of 22 case studies & human-interest stories from COs  collated in a document library in SharePoint  by 15 September 2024
  • A final set of 10 CO case studies & human-interest stories to be included in mid and end year reports by 29 February 2024/31 August 2024
  • New SharePoint site developed of all ROK products and tools by 15 September 2024

Facilitation/Advise on coordination

  • 4 short reports with action points, following ROK technical committee meetings by 15 September 2024
  • A draft project proposal developed by 31 March 2024
  • 3 global/regional webinars on progress and end-year reporting facilitated and executed by 31 May 2024

PPD Liaison and technical clearance of knowledge and advocacy products

  • 5 knowledge and advocacy products shared with PPD by 15 September 2024

Implementation research

  • A draft Implementation Research proposal developed for the ROK project by 15 September 2024
  • A draft scope of work and situation analysis to understand contextual factors that might facilitate or impede implementation, and risk analysis by 15 September 2024

Technical M&E support to the CEED team

  • A detailed report assessing current CEED frameworks, identifying areas for improvement and recommendations by 15 December 2023
  • A document with suggested results framework revisions aligned with the SCAP and practical implementation guidance by 15 March 2024
  • A guidance document available on the CEED SharePoint site to help UNICEF country offices implement the new results framework by 15 June 2024
  • A report on the key findings and progress from UNICEF country offices’ CEED data by 15 September 2024



Completion of advanced degree in social sciences, public health or related degree.

Work experience:

  • A minimum of 8 years of progressively responsible work experience at national or international levels in programme management, results-based monitoring and evaluation, reporting.
  • Previous UNICEF experience and knowledge of UNICEF’s internal systems (Insight etc.) preferred.


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