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Website Maintenance and Content Management

United States

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United States
  • Country: USA
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Task type
Art and Design

Task description
We are looking for two online volunteers to :
– Coordinate software updates, security patches, and bug fixes for our website. Implement backups and performance enhancements. Ensure compliance, manage CMS, and monitor analytics for a seamless user experience.

– Oversee content updates, keeping text, images, and multimedia current. Create a content calendar, optimize SEO, and engage users for feedback. Enhance content strategy and collaborate with content creators for a vibrant website.

Required experience
Required Skills and Experience for Website Maintenance Coordinator:

Technical Skills and Experience:

Proven experience with software and plugin updates.
Familiarity with server management and cybersecurity practices.
Experience in implementing automated backups and addressing security vulnerabilities.
Proficiency in bug monitoring, identifying errors, and conducting effective testing.
Prior experience with performance optimization and Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup.
Knowledge of cross-browser and cross-device testing.

Compliance Knowledge:

Familiarity with GDPR for data privacy and ADA guidelines for accessibility.
Experience ensuring website compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Collaboration and Communication:

Ability to coordinate with IT and technical teams effectively.
Strong communication skills for problem-solving and team collaboration.
Prior experience in a similar technical role is preferred.
Required Skills and Experience for Website Content Manager:

Content Management Skills and Experience:

Proven experience managing website content, including text, images, and multimedia elements.
Track record of creating and maintaining content calendars for timely updates.
SEO optimization experience and demonstrated ability to improve search rankings.
Content creation and editing skills, with a portfolio showcasing content quality.
Experience in user engagement through feedback collection and response.
Proficiency in content management systems (CMS).
Strong writing and editing skills.

Collaboration and Communication:

Ability to collaborate effectively with content creators and marketing teams.
Strong communication and teamwork skills.
User-focused approach to content management.
Experience in providing CMS training to team members is a plus.

Note: While prior experience in a similar role is preferred, a strong passion for the mission and a willingness to learn and adapt to the specific requirements of the roles are also valuable qualities.

English, Level: Working knowledge, Required


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