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IT Consultant (Single Window back-end developer)


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Job Description

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Vacancies No: N/A
  • Salary: N/A 
  • No of Jobs: N/A
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: 7 years
  • Gender: Both

Duties and Responsibilities
UNCTAD ASYCUDA Programme is promoting the Customs-centric Single Window to facilittate export and import operations. Under the general supervision of UNCTAD ASYCUDA Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the incumbent will undertake the following duties:
– development the backend platform utilizing Java technologies of the ASYCER system for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in accordance with UNCTAD functional/technical specifications.
– development the backend platform for the Main State Service «Turkmenstandartlary».
– designing an information architecture within the Single Window platform following UNCTAD functional/technical specifications to organize content and features logically. Tailor the platform structure according to different user roles and permissions within the for efficient data access and management within the Single Window platform.
– development the backend platform for the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, State Epidemiology Service within the Single Window platform,
– creating an optimized database schema reflecting the Ministry’s data requirements, organized efficiently for data storage and retrieval, considering entity relationships, indexing, and normalization techniques.
– development the backend platform for the State Registration Center for Medicinal Products of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry within Single Window platform in line with UNCTAD functional/technical specifications,
– ensuring secure access to the backend interface. with Incorporated features like user registration, login/logout functionality, role-based access control, and token-based authentication, and manage user authentication and sessions to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.
– development the backend platform for the Ministry of Trade and foreign economic relations in accordance with UNCTAD functional/technical specifications.
– developed backend processes for data processing and storage, including data collection, validation, transformation, normalization, and storage in the database.
– addressed specific data requirements of the Governmental agencies/Ministries, such as real-time data handling, complex calculations or analyses, and report generation.
– development the necessary backend processes for data processing and storage. Enabling data collection from various sources, data validation and sanitization, data transformation or normalization, and storage in the database, optimizing database queries, implementing caching mechanisms, and designing the backend architecture to handle potential increases in data volume and user traffic;
– Regular monitoring and performance testing, communication and coordination to address any dependencies or requirements for data exchange and functionality on time.
Qualifications/special skills
A first level university degree, Bachelor, in information technology, computer science or related area
7 years of experience of work in ICT sector as front-end and back-end developer of enterprise software products is required.
Experience of design, development, testing and piloting complex ICT applications and Java and Angular programming language is required.
Experience in providing IT services to government organizations related to import-export operations or working in public sector is desirable
Knowledge of PHP, SQL, Linux, HTML, server programming, PostgreSQL, ORACLE and database information system is desirable
Experience of development Single Window and e-Customs ICT applications is desirable
Experience with customer support such as ICT help desk or customer support with working in the transition economies region is desirable
Fluency oral and written in English is required


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