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Security Officer Team Leader (Day)


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Job Description

  • Country: France
  • Vacancies No: N/A
  • Salary: N/A 
  • No of Jobs: N/A
  • Education: School diploma 
  • Experience: 3 years
  • Gender: Both


The Security Service is responsible for ensuring, in compliance with the laws and regulations of the host country, the rules of international law and the standards in force within the United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS), the safety of UNESCO staff, that of all people present within the Organization’s premises, as well as the preservation and safeguarding of all movable and immovable property for which it is responsible. The Security unit is responsible for the mission of general security of the headquarters, reception and orientation, access control, securing spaces, crowd management and protection of personalities. It operates in work cycles and ensures a presence 24/7. 

The incumbent acts under the authority of the head of the Security Service and his deputy in charge of Operations at Headquarters. It is commanded and supervised by the Head of Security Unit assisted by his deputy. He/she provides operational (proximity) supervision to around ten agents, either directly as team leader, or as deputy to the leader of a larger group. 

He/she works day or night on a shift cycle or on a weekly basis depending on the organizational needs of the service. 

Under the command and supervision of the Head of Unit and his deputy, he/she ensures the first level of hierarchical control over the operational activity of the Security agents during his shift. Depending on operational requirements and availability, he/she may be required to participate, as reinforcement, in one-off events outside of his/her normal shift. 

If necessary, he/she proposes his/her team’s schedules to his/her supervisor. He/she holds, as a priority, the Security Command Post of the Fontenoy site. His work is mainly focused on directing the radio network, protecting access, monitoring the video protection network and, where applicable, managing alarms and emergency contacts with the host country’s security services. He/she gives agents any instructions useful for the proper execution of missions, on their own initiative or on hierarchical instructions. 

With his/her supervisor (Head of Unit or group leader), he/she ensures compliance with administrative rules and hierarchical instructions. He/she reports any difficulty or malfunction in their application by the staff for whom he/she is responsible. He/she constitutes a permanent and loyal link between the workforce and the hierarchy, of which he/she constitutes an essential link. 

The position requires the wearing of a regulation uniform and assumes the ability to carry a firearm.

The post holder will be required to perform the following tasks: 

  1. Supervise an operational team :

Ensure a supervisory role for field staff in compliance with hierarchical instructions and instructions. Daily or during one-off events, he or she will have to manage, in the field or via the radio network, the conduct of static and dynamic security maneuvers decided by higher hierarchical levels. 

At the PC, the incumbent will ensure in particular:

  • The perfect circulation of operational information, whether it comes from agents or is intended for them; he/she will ensure in particular the perfect dissemination of permanent and temporary instructions.
  • Compliance with radio procedures. 
  • For recording events, even outtakes and end of service on the dedicated IT tool.
  • Monitoring the video protection network. 
  • Monitoring various alarms.
  • to participate in the rating of security agents, his opinion being sought by the Head of Security Unit.
  • By receiving regular reports, he/she will have to adapt the system on initiative or on instructions. 
  • To carry out a control/coordination task over agents on temporary assistance or from an external private company. 
  • He or she must face any emergency situation with professionalism and composure: take the first safeguard measures within his or her competence and report. Demonstrate initiative in the best interests of the Organization. 
  • He/she must prepare, relay and/or comment on any information report intended for the chain of command.

2. Enforce regulations and professional standards :

  • He/she will have to ensure compliance with applicable standards, whether they come from the host country, international law or the Organization itself. Apply and enforce hierarchical instructions, both in operational matters and in human resources matters. 
  • By setting an example, monitor the behavior, correctness and professionalism of agents, identify any disciplinary problems. Be particularly attentive to issues of moral harassment and gender equality. Enforce schedules. Report immediately to your hierarchical chain any difficulties in this matter. 
  • Identify any training needs, for him/herself or for his/her agents. Facilitate the mission of the Training Office for the organization of exercises, maneuvers, training or information during its shift. 
  • On initiative or on instructions, advise, coach or guide any Security agent whose general level or abilities prove insufficient.

 3. Organize/plan operational activity :

  • He/she will propose his/her team’s schedules for validation by his/her superior, applying the defined attendance rates. He/she may be required to assist the Head of Unit (or his Group Head) to plan certain operational arrangements in accordance with the instructions received. Anticipate difficulties and provide the necessary room for maneuver.

 4. Contribute to service projects :

  • Participate in regular or ad hoc department meetings and provide contribution, knowledge and expertise to department projects.  
  • Use your knowledge of the field and the operational constraints of field personnel. 

 5. Maintain operational skills :

  • Maintain physical fitness and ensure that your technical and operational knowledge is updated.
  • Be able to carry out most of the operational missions assigned to your unit, access control, general security, crowd management or protection of personalities. 
  • Keep up to date with technological developments, understand what they can bring to your role.
  • Be willing to learn how to use new technologies. 
  • Where applicable, acquire and/or preserve the ability to carry out missions while armed. 

SKILLS (Fundamental / Managerial)

Communication (F)
Culture of results (F)
Innovation (F)
Knowledge sharing and constant desire for improvement (F)
Planning and organization (F)
Professionalism (F)
Responsibility (F)
Teamwork (F)



  • Secondary, general, technical or vocational school diploma.
  • Qualification training in the field of security (Professional title of Prevention and Security Agent (TFP APS), Professional Qualification Certificate of Prevention and Security Agent (CQP APS) or equivalent training). 

Professional experience:

  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in the field of safety or security.
  • Professional experience within an institutional Security force, civil or military (Police, Gendarmerie, Army, RATP/SNCF Security Services or Security/Security personnel under the United Nations Security Management System – UNSMS – of which part of UNESCO) or a private security company with state approval.


  • Knowledge of technical and electronic security equipment, professional intervention techniques adapted to the legal or regulatory framework.
  • Excellent professional conscience and sense of service and observation and analytical skills.
  • Excellent physical condition.
  • Ability to carry a firearm as well as wearing a regulation uniform.
  • Ability to manage sensitive or dangerous situations with composure and perseverance.
  • Ability to operate with discernment, tact and courtesy in an international and diplomatic environment.
  • Respect for professional secrecy and the ethics specific to a Security service.
  • Excellent team spirit, restraint in professional relationships and respect for the hierarchical chain.
  • Availability, flexibility and ability to adapt to service schedules and circumstances.
  • Basic knowledge of computers and office automation.


  • Excellent knowledge of spoken French and satisfactory ability to write.


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