NGO Jobs in Pakistan-Value for Money for Tuberculosis Program

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  • Organization: Mercy Corps
  • Location: Pakistan/Islamabad
  • Type: Consultancy
  • Job Title: Value for Money for Tuberculosis Program
  • Close on: N/A

About Organization

Mercy Corps is a global humanitarian aid organization that works in more than 40 countries around the world. Founded in 1979, the organization provides emergency assistance, economic development, and other programs to help people overcome poverty, conflict, and other challenges.

Mercy Corps focuses on helping communities build resilience by providing aid and resources that enable people to recover from crises and create long-term solutions. The organization’s programs include education, health, agriculture, conflict resolution, and economic development.

Mercy Corps is funded by governments, corporations, and individual donors, and partners with local organizations and governments to deliver aid and assistance. The organization has a strong commitment to accountability, transparency, and innovation, and works to ensure that its programs have a measurable impact and promote sustainability.

About NGO Jobs in Pakistan-Value for Money for Tuberculosis Program

Mercy Corps is a well-known international organization that operates under the premise that a better world is conceivable. In more than 40 countries throughout the world, we work together to implement daring solutions in times of crisis and hardship, assisting individuals in overcoming adversity and fostering the internal growth of their communities.

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With a prevalence of 259 cases per 100,000 people, tuberculosis (TB) is one of Pakistan’s main public health problems. Of the 30 countries with the highest TB burden worldwide, Pakistan is rated fifth. By reporting 452,564 cases of all types of TB between July 2021 and December 2023, Mercy Corps Pakistan made a 30% contribution to the national case notification for the same time period. The following crucial actions must be taken in order to reach these goals:

Purpose of the Job

The two main goals of this study are as follows:

  • Compare the costs of the previous (NFM II) and current grants, or before and after the scale of the intervention up (NFM III). The study’s results will be useful in determining whether to scale up or modify the interventions or components going forward as well as in determining the cost per patient of various TB Program components when scale and scope are increased.
  • Compare the costs of the active case and specimen transportation. To assess the value for money of various models for the same interventions that the public and private sectors are doing in Punjab province, components between the public and private sectors must be found.

Consultants’ goals:

The following are the analysis’s precise goals:

  • To compare the cost and design, efficiency, effectiveness, and equality of various TB Program components between the private and public sectors and before and after the scale-up.
  • to improve the knowledge of VfM analyses and their application among the TB Program team.
  • to add to the sector-wide evidence basis for TB Programming’s cost-efficiency
  • To give information about VfM so that it can be used to advocate for funding from donors, engage other internal or external stakeholders, or create new interventions.

The following major inquiries will be the study’s primary focus:

Price and design: What are the program’s or its components’ cost-drivers? How does the program design effect them in terms of equity?

Efficiency and financial viability: Have the resources been distributed fairly to the intended target and marginalized people/groups? What are the costs-efficiency results of the various TB program components?

Effectiveness: Has the program/its component(s) produced the desired result(s)?

VfM: How can MC and other stakeholders use the VfM data to determine how to deploy resources effectively and efficiently?

Consultant Activities:

The Consultant will:

  • Enroll in a 2-day online orientation program offered by Mercy Corps to better understand the purpose and parameters of the mission.
  • Review the program requirements, do a desk review, and improve the approach (3 days)
  • Carry out the cost analysis and VfM in accordance with the agreed-upon goals (10 days)
  • Develop analysis report document (5 days)
  • Have a meeting with the Mercy Corps team and other stakeholders to present the analysis’ findings and potential applications for decision-making (1 day)

NGO Jobs in Pakistan-Value for Money for Tuberculosis Program Requirments


  • Manager of M&E and data management, Senior Technical Adviser for Health, and MEL Manager


  • 5–10 years of relevant technical experience (required)
  • Experience in at least one of the following areas for at least five years: value for money, cost efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and/or cost-benefit


  • Fluency in English

How to Apply?

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