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The ultimate guide to the UN Volunteer Programme application process

The application process for the UNV programme in 6 Steps:

1. Update your profile:

  • Log in to the Unified Volunteering Platform (UVP).
  • Complete the task in your dashboard to ‘Update your personal information’.

Ensure that you:

    • Update academic qualifications
    • Add an emergency contact (if not already entered)
    • Upload passport copy
    • Confirm the closest airport (or no travel)
    • Provide up-to-date dependent information
  • Ensure everything in your profile is correct as an error will delay in processing your offer letter.
  • Check that the name on your UVP profile matches the name on your passport or national identity document. If not, update it immediately.
  • You will obtain an email in approx. 3 working days after the offer letter has been issued. Follow the instructions in the email to review and accept the letter in UVP.

You can find UNV jobs here.

2. Accept the request for a UN Volunteer position

  • Read the following information:
    • Your offer letter (available in your UVP document library)
    • Description of Assignment (DOA)
    • The Unified Conditions of Service (COS) for UN Volunteers
  • Accept the offer by conducting the ‘review offer letter’ task in UVP.
  • By accepting the offer, you agree to abide by the procedures, regulations, and related processes outlined in the Unified Conditions of Service (COS) for UN
    By accepting the offer, you agree to abide by the policies, regulations, and related processes outlined in the Unified Conditions of Service (COS) for UN Volunteers.
  • Download the Designation, Change, or Revocation of beneficiary form.
  • Fill out and upload the completed and signed form to UVP.
  • UNV and Cigna Insurance use the information in this form in the event of a UN Volunteer’s death while on assignment to ensure life insurance and other payments are made to their selected beneficiaries.
  • You are to partake in the virtual ‘Onboarding Workshop’ once you have accepted your Letter of Offer.

3. Secure visa and clearances

  • Immediately get in touch with your UNV contact person for direction on entry visa(s).
  • Follow the instructions provided to secure your entry visa.
  • Once you secure your visa, upload it to UVP using the ‘Confirm visa’ task in UVP. If you do not need a visa, you need to upload proof of this status using the same task.

4. Complete medical, online courses, and banking update

  • fulfill and E-mail the Employment Medical Review Questionnaire (MS3) form.
  • Email the completed MS3 form to UN Medical Service at unogmedicalservice@un.org.
  • Complete the ‘Medical form sent to UN Medical Services’ task in UVP to notify UNV that you have completed this step.
  • UN Medical services will contact you via email if they need further information.
  • UN Medical Services will record the result of your medical clearance electronically and you will be informed by automated email.
  • Assure that the information you provide on your MS3 form matches the information in UVP. Even small differences (such as spelling) can delay the processing of your medical clearances.

Vaccines important for your duty station.

  • Get the vaccines necessary for your duty station.
  • Your entry lump sum allowance benefits to pay for pre-departure expenses, including gaining passport and visa(s), entry medical examination, vaccination(s), travel between the place of living and the nearest airport, and costs of unavoidable in-country pre-departure transit stopover(s). There will be no extra allowance or reimbursement for these purposes.

UNV bank information – Precise and complete

  • If possible, we encourage you to open a USD or Euro bank account to allow faster bank transfers.
  • Fulfill the ‘Submit banking information’ task in UVP (or go to My Banking) to enter your bank account information.
  • Once entered in UVP, UNV will process it in our payment system. If there are any errors or additional information is required, a representative from the Global Shared Services Centre in Kuala Lumpur will contact you either in UVP or by email.
  • Your banking information will remain in the status “In progress – pending hiring” until you start your assignment. You can update and save your bank details at any time in this status.
  • Assure all information is precise as an error will delay payment of your allowances.

All compulsory online courses before you start your job

  • Complete the 3 mandatory UN System e-Learning courses prior to departure to duty station
  • Upload certificates in UVP via tasks in your dashboard or on the assignment page prior to departure.
  • You must complete mandatory courses and upload certificates to UVP prior to entry on duty.
  • Also, take note of the essential courses to be completed within 1 and 3 months of starting your assignment.

Access excellent learning chances to learn and grow from start to finish of your assignment

  • Leverage the UNV learning programmes for UN Volunteers and learning options with your host entity to boost your professional skills throughout your UN Volunteer assignment.

Contact the host entity, and UNV for allowances and travel

Host entity

To prepare for your project, we recommend that you have a discussion with your manager or team member to:

  • Obtain clarity on your role and responsibilities – tasks you will be expected to perform.
  • Comprehend learning and training opportunities during the assignment (formal and informal).
  • Comprehend the organizational culture, work environment and relationships with colleagues.
  • Ask to be introduced to a “buddy” in your team to facilitate your onboarding.
  • Verify your expected entry on duty date.
  • Developing a positive relationship with your manager is key for you to master your role, and to learn, grow, and perform at your best during your UN Volunteer assignment.

We suggest that you establish a briefing session with your supervisor previous to departure to start developing the relationship and help your professional development during the assignment.


  • Once you complete the pre-deployment prerequisites, UNV will transfer start-of-assignment allowances to the bank account you provided.
  • This incorporates an Entry Lump Sum Allowance and a lump sum assignment travel allowance if you are traveling (ref. offer letter for more details).
  • You will initially obtain the first half of your Entry Lump Sum Allowance (USD 2000). The other half will be paid in your first payroll after you begin your assignment.
  • This procedure may take up to 10 business days. Please carry your Entry Lump Sum Allowance to your duty station to pay for your accommodation and utilities upon arrival.

Inform UNV and the host entity of your travel plans

  • Your contact person will provide you with a lump sum payment for your airfare to the duty station. You are expected to buy your own air ticket(s) with this payment unless advised otherwise by your contact person.
  • Your contact person will guarantee your expected travel date. Do not purchase your ticket until this is confirmed.
  • Once you have organized a travel date, complete the ‘Confirm travel’ task in UVP.
  • If you are not required to travel (you are already at the duty station), choose the ‘Travel not needed’ option. You will not receive a travel lump sum payment.
  • Email a copy of your confirmed E-ticket to your host agency focal person for arrival logistics, cc. UNV contact person.
  • We advise you to compare arrival dates, prices, airlines, and routing before you buy a ticket. Do not begin your travel until you have secured all needed visas, incorporating transit visas or you have confirmation that visas are available or will be issued upon arrival.

Here are some awesome tips for the UNV Programme:

  • You must complete all the required steps before you are cleared for your assignment.
  • Do not resign from your current occupation until your UNV focal person informs you to do so.
  • You are expected to arrive at the duty station within 4 weeks of acquiring the official offer letter pending all clearances and issuance of visa(s) and host country Government approval.
  • Discuss any notice period with your host entity manager in advance and copy your UNV focal person. Any further delay may lead to a withdrawal of the offer.

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