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Career Opportunities: Aviation Assistant Job at WFP in Afghanistan


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Job Description

5 Year

Brief Details About Career Opportunities: Aviation Assistant Job at WFP in Afghanistan:

  • Job Title: Aviation Assistant (Check-in Supervisor)
  • Grade:  G5
  • Type of contract: Fixed Term
  • Duration:  12 months (Extendable)
  • Duty Station: Kabul
  • Vacancy Number: 826813
  • Date of Publication: 01 May 2023
  • Deadline of Application: 15 May 2023

About WFP:

A global institution inside the United Nations that offers food aid is called the World Food Programme (WFP). It is the biggest humanitarian organization in the world, helping 80 million people annually in almost 80 different countries. WFP works with communities to promote nutrition and foster resilience while providing food assistance in times of need. The goal of the WFP is to save lives and transform lives by offering emergency food aid and creating a road to peace, stability, and prosperity. The WFP co-leads the Food Security Cluster and is the lead agency for the Logistics Cluster. It is a part of the Farm to Market Alliance, a global partnership that provides information, funding, and assistance to smallholder farmers.

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Main Responsibilities and Tasks:

In case a person get selected for the job, he/she will be responsible for the following:

Booking, Handling Documents and Load Control:

  • Receive booking reservations for passengers and cargo (for AMA in the field) and make relevant entries in the Takeflite/eFMA;
  • Convey and deliver documents between the aircraft and appropriate terminal authorities;

Passenger and Baggage handling:

  • Check-in passengers in accordance with requirements and instructions issued by WFP-AFO and the chartered carrier’s and ensure 100% matching of the ID against the passenger manifest;
  • Inform passengers about time of arrival and/or departure of chartered carrier’s aircraft and transportation connections;
  • Guide passengers from the chartered carrier’s aircraft through controls to connecting transportation and vice versa;
  • Handle baggage in the baggage sorting area, deliver baggage in accordance with the local procedures;
  • If applicable, storage of baggage in the customs bonded store if required (any storage fees to be paid cash by the passengers);
  • Assist passengers requiring special attention;
  • Inspect, weigh and tag checked and unchecked baggage;
  • Effect the conveyance of checked baggage from the baggage check-in position to the aircraft and vice-versa;
  • Deal with loss, found and damaged property and report such irregularities;
  • Head check of passengers upon embarkation (count to be compared with messenger manifest and general declaration).

Cargo Handling:

  • Sort and store inbound, transfer and outbound cargo prior to dispatch in accordance with the nature of goods and the routing of the cargo;
  • Provide and/or arrange for essential equipment and storage facilities for special perishable cargo and other special items;
  • Provide accommodation and services for acceptance of cargo and ensure adequate control so that shipments and documents, when delivered for transportation by Consignors either directly or through an agent of WFP are made “ready for carriage”. Any irregularity to be reported;
  • Tally and assemble for dispatch by weight and volume, cargo up to capacity available on all aircraft;
  • Prepare for delivery onto the aircraft, unit load devices – e.g. pallets, etc;
  • Offload bulk cargo from vehicles, break-down and/or empty unit load devices, e.g. pallets, etc. and check incoming cargo against document(s);
  • Notify consignee/agent of arrival in accordance with applicable instructions.

Loading/Unloading of Aircraft:

  • Provide/arrange for, position and remove adequate passenger handling equipment for embarking/disembarking passengers where needed.
  • Provide/arrange for and operate suitable loading/unloading equipment.
  • Provide/arrange for and operate suitable equipment for transportation of loads between points in terminal areas as required.
  • Unload, assemble/deliver/receive loads.
  • Secure and lock cargo hold doors and hatches when loading/unloading is complete.
  • Provide passenger and/or crew transport between aircraft and airport terminal as required by WFP-UNHAS or local authorities; and

Aircraft Handling:

  • Attendance. Standby before arrival and after departure and general supervision of ramp handling activities.
  • Marshalling.  In conjunction with the Operator’s Flight Operations Officer, provide/arrange for marshalling equipment and/or arrange for the marshalling of the aircraft at arrival/departure.
  • Ground/Aircraft Communications.  Where required provide/arrange for communications facilities to establish and maintain communication between handling parties and the aircraft command element.
  • Ground Power Units.  Where required, provide/arrange for, position/remove and operate suitable ground power unit for supply of necessary electrical power during a specified time limit.
  • Starting.  Where applicable, provide/arrange for positioning/removal and operate appropriate unit(s) for normal engine starting at departure.

Safety and Security Management:

  • Report immediately to the AMO/ATO/CATO and the aircraft commander, all damage noticed at or inside the aircraft irrespective of cause or time of occurrence.
  • Monitor aircraft operations and performance, identify and report any likely hazard(s) and operational risk(s) which could affect the continued safe operations of aircraft.
  • Provide/arrange for, position/remove and operate suitable firefighting equipment and other protective equipment as required.; arrange for the management of foreign objects damage (FOD) on the movement area on the airside.
  • Perform as flight monitor on UNHAS flights into security compromised locations where aviation security control is limited or not existing in order to conduct screening of passengers, luggage and cargo.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to passengers and flight crew on all flights originating from the field stations where UNHAS has no personnel.
  • Communicate with Air Operations Control Centre (AOCC) and Flight Following Centre while in the field, to provide both with all necessary operational information.

Moving of Aircraft:

  • Provide/arrange for and position/remove suitable towing equipment to tow/push aircraft on the designated handling area according to the aircraft commanders’ instructions and in accordance with the local regulations.

Refueling of Aircraft:

  • Provide and/or arrange for the provision of fuel for aircraft and ensure that aircraft are refueled in time to satisfy scheduled departures and designated take-off times and verify the amount of fuel delivered into the aircraft.
  • Carry out any other duties as directed by NAO/AMO/ATO/CATO.

Required Skills, Experience, and Education:


Completion of secondary school education. Post-secondary certificate in air traffic control, flight dispatch, aeronautical engineering or related field is essential for Air Operations roles, desirable for Air Movement roles.


Minimum of five years progressive experience in the field of aviation related responsibilities such as Check-in-Counter, Customer Care/Service, and Flight Operation.

Key Knowledge and Skills:


Proficiency in the technical field of aviation related to aviation personnel, air customer service and air operations.
Be conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines, and achieving results.
Show persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges.
Remains calm in stressful situations.
Experience in use of commercial aviation software/tools i.e., e-FMA/Takeflite (or equivalent) for operational functions including reservations, manifest correction, aircraft utilisation reports, departure/arrival data etc;
Knowledge and background in humanitarian air operations and in particular the United Nations Humanitarian Air Services would be an advantage.


Excellent drafting ability and communication skills, both oral and written.
Ability to communicate complex concepts to persons with different types of cultural background.
Ability to prepare written reports that are clear, concise and meaningful.
Ability to use and communicate via VHF radio.


Good interpersonal skills, demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment and to maintain effective working relations with people of different nationalities and cultural background.


Fluency (level C) in English language and in Dari and/or Pashto.

How to Apply for Career Opportunities: Aviation Assistant Job at WFP in Afghanistan?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Career Opportunities: Aviation Assistant Job at WFP in Afghanistan:

Interested persons are encouraged to submit an application through (https://www.wfp.org/careers/job-openings). Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

We aim to guarantee that the application procedure is completely accessible. If you have any accessibility requirements, do let us know at afg.hrrecruitment@wfp.org.


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