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Short Information:

  • Organization: IRC
  • Location: USA
  • Type: Full Time
  • Job Title: Associate Director, Leadership Giving
  • Close on: 1 Jul 2023

About Organization

IRC stands for “Internet Relay Chat,” which is a protocol used for real-time communication over the Internet. The IRC organization refers to the collection of individuals, groups, and companies who are involved in the development and maintenance of the IRC protocol and related software.

IRC was first developed in 1988 and quickly became popular among computer enthusiasts and early Internet users. It allows users to connect to chat rooms, known as channels, where they can communicate with other users in real time using text messages.

The IRC organization is made up of volunteers who contribute to the development and maintenance of the IRC protocol and related software, such as IRC servers and clients. There is no central governing body, and the organization operates on a decentralized model.

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Today, IRC is not as widely used as it once was, but it still has a dedicated user base and is used by communities for various purposes, such as online gaming, open-source software development, and political activism.

About NGO Jobs in USA-Associate Director, Leadership Giving

The job plays a crucial part in aiding in the creation and implementation of strategies based on ambitious revenue targets. In order to direct future efforts, they will collaborate with the Director to develop, track, and analyze the outcomes of projects and metrics. Effective communication and collaboration with internal and external partners will be necessary for this position to manage the donor portfolio with care and effectiveness. We are looking for a strategic thought partner that can find innovative fixes and make suggestions in order to promote the development and enhancement of donor relationships with the IRC.

  • Provide dynamic and effective thought leadership for the Leadership Giving team’s efforts towards increased financial revenue and other modes of private sector engagement that support impactful delivery of the IRC’s directive and mission.
  • Partner with the Director, Leadership Giving to develop a coherent and ambitious strategic plan, including identifying annual goals and key outcomes for the western market. This will include the development and implementation of standards, tools, and procedures towards a best-in-class approach to individual donor engagement and fundraising.
  • Manage a portfolio of approximately 100 high net worth individuals, moving each relationship through cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship stages. Design creative, long-term engagement strategy to deepen donor dedication and increase giving.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the IRC, notably from International Philanthropy and Partnerships and field staff, to align donor and organizational priorities in a way that increases income for the IRC and builds multi­faceted, deep engagement with the organization.
  • Undertake special projects as requested.

NGO Jobs in USA-Associate Director, Leadership Giving Requirments


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience


  • 7+ years of progressive fundraising experience and demonstrated expertise in the private sector or major gifts fundraising, or sales, including direct solicitation of donors or clients (preferably in the Bay area);
  • Consistent record of closing multiple high-5- and 6-figure gifts or contracts from a dynamic portfolio, including qualifying prospects and upgrading donors or clients.


  • N/A

How to Apply?

  1. Contribute to open-source projects: The IRC organization relies heavily on open-source software, so contributing to these projects is a great way to get involved. You can find a list of open-source projects related to IRC on the IRC website.
  2. Attend IRC events: The IRC organization hosts events throughout the year, including conferences and meetups. Attending these events is a great way to meet other members of the community and learn more about the organization.
  3. Connect with other members: The IRC organization is a community, so connecting with other members is important. You can connect with other members on social media, in IRC channels, and at events.

Overall, the best way to get involved with the IRC organization is to start contributing to the community. By joining channels, contributing to open-source projects, attending events, and connecting with other members, you can become an active member of the organization and contribute to its work.


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