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UN Careers-Advisor, Disabilities & Rehabilitation

United States

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8+ Year
Male, Female, Both
Bachelor Degree
United States

Short Information

  • Organization: WHO
  • Location: United State
  • Type: Full Time
  • Job Title: Advisor, Disabilities & Rehabilitation
  • Close on: 29 Mar 2023

About Organization

The United Nations has a dedicated agency for worldwide public health called the World Health Organization (WHO). It was established in 1948, and its goal is to unite people, partners, and nations to advance health, ensure global security, and assist the most vulnerable so that everyone can experience the best possible health. According to its constitution, WHO has a broad mandate and promotes global health through research, instruction, advocacy, and cooperation with other organizations.

About UN Careers-Advisor, Disabilities & Rehabilitation

The Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health (NMH) Department promotes, coordinates, and implements technical cooperation activities that are evidence-based, appropriate for the political and sociocultural context in which they are implemented, and focused on the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases and related risk factors, mental, neurological, and substance abuse disorders, and disabilities, as well as the promotion of optimal nutrition and road safety.

It leads multi-sector and multi-stakeholder strategic and collaborative efforts aimed at strengthening Member States’ capacity to promote and protect health through public policies, programs, and services. It also raises political and public awareness and understanding of the burden of the most prevalent noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and mental disorders, related risk factors, and conditions. By doing so, dangers and illness burdens will be reduced, and the population’s physical, mental, and social well-being will be enhanced.

UN Careers-Advisor, Disabilities & Rehabilitation Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance to Member States in the prevention and management of disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, and the development and implementation of comprehensive social and health policies for promoting health care and social protection practices to address the needs of people with disabilities. Provide technical, strategic advice and programmatic direction for the implementation of the Organization’s Plan of Action on Disabilities and Rehabilitation.
  • To strengthen and develop prevention and management services for disabilities and rehabilitation services within the framework of health system strengthening and health sector reform, coordinate the creation of technical and management guidelines and best practice standards;
  • conceive of, and provide standards and practices for, the social, administrative, and technological elements of disability and services for rehabilitation;
  • By creating manuals, policies, handbooks, and other resources, communities can be encouraged to participate in enhancing access to disability care and prevention. Develop and promote policies for the complete care of people with disabilities.
  • collect, evaluate, synthesize, and disseminate technical and scientific data about impairments and rehabilitation, and make it easier to use that data to develop and assess national programs and services;
  • To promote and ensure coordination and synergies for disabilities and rehabilitation, to ensure the integration of cross-cutting issues like equity, gender, and ethnicity; to ensure greater effectiveness and utilization of organizational resources; and to collaborate with department staff and other pertinent PAHO departments;
  • give technical advice, and support, and make sure regional factors are taken into account for WHO projects on disabilities and rehabilitation;
  • Promote and increase awareness of the organization’s work in the area of disabilities and rehabilitation, particularly through holding regional webinars, providing training, and engaging in advocacy;
  • To collaborate on programs and services for people with disabilities and rehabilitation, establish and foster partnerships and alliances with international organizations, academic institutions, and civil society organizations;
  • Collaboration with national and international health professionals working on the development of psychosocial and vocational aspects of rehabilitation; promotion of training programs for health professionals to help with the implementation of comprehensive, high-quality care and protection of people with disabilities, including rehabilitation programs;
  • Encourage and work together to mobilize resources on a national, sub-regional, and local level to assist in the execution of disability and rehabilitation programs and plans;
  • Encourage research and the development of human resources in the field of rehabilitation programs;
  • Support the creation of regional and national grant bids for programs involving disability and rehabilitation, and oversee the technical management of regional and national projects;
  • represent the organization at conferences, academic gatherings, technical meetings, and seminars on disabilities and rehabilitation programs;
  • Participate in the development of the Biennial Work Plan (BWP) and the implementation of projects involving international collaboration, including the performance evaluation and analysis of political, technical, and socioeconomic concerns;
  • When required to directly supervise personnel, define precise work goals, carry out prompt and efficient performance reviews, offer coaching and feedback, and encourage chances for staff growth;

UN Careers-Advisor, Disabilities & Rehabilitation Requirments


  • a bachelor’s degree in a health-related subject and a master’s degree from an accredited university in public health or a field associated with the duties of the position.
  • A doctorate would be helpful.


  • nine years of combined national and worldwide expertise in disability prevention and management, running public health care programs with a focus on disability prevention and management and developing policies and plans for the delivery of disability prevention and management services.
  • Work experience in public health in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Working knowledge of the other language and very good knowledge of either English or Spanish. Portuguese and/or French language proficiency would be advantageous.


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