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UN Careers-Locust Information Specialist


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Short Information

  • Organization: FAO
  • Location: Egypt
  • Type: Full Time
  • Job Title: Locust Information Specialist
  • Close on: 22 Feb 2023

About Organization

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized body that oversees global initiatives to end hunger. With 194 Member Nations, two Associate Members, and the European Union as a Member Organization, it was created in 1945. Fiat Spanish, which means “let there be food,” is its Latin motto. Because of its human resources, FAO is able to create new tools and regulations as well as modify those that already exist to enable better governance. Additionally, it tries to guarantee that everyone has access to high-quality food in adequate quantities for a healthy lifestyle.

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About UN Careers-Locust Information Specialist

The shift to sustainable agricultural production practices is encouraged by the FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region (CRC). Strengthening coordination and collaboration among the member states is one of the Commission’s primary responsibilities. This approach encourages the early identification of gregarious locust populations and prompts the removal of harmful infestations before they harm crops. As a result, the Commission aids in ensuring food security, reducing hunger, and reducing poverty throughout the Near East and the Horn of Africa.

The post is based in Cairo, Egypt, in the CRC Secretariat office. To help member nations manage and control the Desert Locusts in a sustainable manner, CRC offers advice, technical assistance, and direction. The incumbent will review the data obtained from national Desert Locust control centers of CRC member nations on a daily basis and use the most recent satellite imageries to monitor the weather, ecological conditions, and Desert locust status.



To stop disastrous desert locust outbreaks, CRC keeps an eye on local early warning systems. It aids member nations in supplying information from the field. In order for the afflicted nations to plan and carry out efficient survey and control actions, the service offers recommendations regarding the weather, ecology, and locust circumstances.

Required Qualifications of UN Careers-Locust Information Specialist


degree from an academic institution in agronomy, agriculture-related GIS, pest monitoring, early warning systems, or a discipline closely linked to the aforementioned activities;


a minimum of three years of relevant expertise in GIS, spatial analysis, pest reporting, and control systems, and plant pest modeling and prediction systems;


Working knowledge (level C) of Arabic and English is required;


•    Results Focus
•    Teamwork
•    Communication
•    Building Effective Relationships
•    Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement


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