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UN Internships in Pakistan -ICT


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About Organization:

UNOPS, or the United Nations Office for Project Services, is a specialized organization that works as an operational arm of the United Nations. UNOPS helps implement development, humanitarian, and peacebuilding projects worldwide, partnering with various stakeholders such as governments, non-governmental organizations, and UN agencies. With a focus on sustainability and quality, UNOPS uses its expertise in infrastructure, procurement, and project management to support the implementation of critical initiatives. As a trusted partner of the UN system, UNOPS provides practical solutions to global challenges, working towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

About UN Internships in Pakistan-ICT

In the Asia Region, the South Asia Multi-Country Office includes UNOPS Pakistan (Project Office). Since starting operations in Pakistan in 1999, UNOPS has dramatically increased its efforts to help earthquake-affected and earthquake-vulnerable populations. Following the most disastrous flood in the country’s history, UNOPS created a permanent office in Islamabad in 2010 to assist the Pakistani government and other partners with providing humanitarian aid and reconstruction services. We have field offices in Peshawar, Karachi, Umerkot, and D.I. Khan and operate in KP, Sindh, and Punjab.

In accordance with its fundamental delivery principles of sustainable infrastructure, sustainable procurement, and sustainable project management, UNOPS Pakistan continues to carry out projects across the nation with the strategic support of a regional operational hub, its headquarters in Copenhagen, and the overarching framework of the ONE UN Programme.

UNOPS in Pakistan is now carrying out projects in the following theme areas: Green and Clean energy; Rule of Law; Health, WASH, Procurement; and HR services. With a steady increase in the project portfolio in recent years and a new strategic direction.

Responsibilities of UN Internships in Pakistan-ICT 

The intern will be able to advance their knowledge of ICT management, network administration, and application management under the general direction and oversight of the ICT Associate. They will help the creation of a technical documentation as well as the familiarization and maintenance of hardware, software, file management, and LAN/WAN systems.

  • ICT management and administration
  • Network administration and application management
  • Support to knowledge building and knowledge sharing

ICT Management and Administration

  • Participate in the documentation and upkeep of all computers, portable I/O devices, and software while ensuring that registration and upgrade requirements are met.
  • Support the installation, use, and upkeep of all UNOPS hardware, as well as the procurement of hardware supplies.
  • Perform a variety of technical tasks as assigned by the supervisor, such as routine maintenance and changing of hardware electronic components (disks, memory, network wiring, power sources, etc.).
  • Install regular updates, antivirus software, and software that has been produced both internally and commercially.
  • Perform any necessary minor repairs to hardware equipment.
  • Regularly do preventive maintenance on ICT equipment.
  • Offer guidance on the execution of any ICT-related projects.

Network Administration and Application Management

  • Provide assistance in the maintenance of the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) systems to ensure that Computing hardware and equipment support documents, data files, and cloud storage resources
  • Provide support to the Installation, upgrading, and maintenance of LAN/WAN systems, including applications used in the system.
  • Assist in the management and maintenance of equipment and applications associated with video conferencing systems and applications.
  • Ensure UNOPS desktops and network resources are protected from malicious virus attacks and work closely with the ICT associate to deploy countermeasures in the event of attacks.
  • Participate in testing and installation of telecommunications hardware.

Support to Knowledge Building and Knowledge Sharing

  • Provide support to personnel on hardware familiarisation and maintenance, software applications and cloud data management and maintenance.
  • Under the guidance of the ICT Associate, develop and coordinate for the production of Technical Instruction Documents and Standard Operating Procedures for the secure usage of computing and mobile devices, as well as the training of personnel.

UN Internships in Pakistan-ICT Requirments:


  • It is necessary to have a first-level university degree (such as a Master’s or Bachelor’s) in computer science, information science, or a closely related discipline.


  • There is no requirement for applicants to have professional work experience.
  • Before applying for the internship, candidates must have graduated from one of the aforementioned fields within the previous three (3) years.


  • Fluency in oral and written English is required.
  • Fluency is Urdu is preferred

How to Apply?

  1. Check the requirements: Review the job posting carefully to ensure that you meet the requirements for the position, including educational qualifications and language proficiency.
  2. Prepare your application: Prepare your application, including your CV and cover letter, and any other supporting documents requested in the job posting.
  3. Submit your application: Submit your application via the UNOPS online application system. Be sure to follow the instructions provided, and submit your application before the deadline.
  4. Wait for a response: After submitting your application, wait for a response from UNOPS. If your application is shortlisted, you may be contacted for an interview.

Overall, applying for a UNOPS internship requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By following these steps and carefully reviewing the requirements of the job posting, you can increase your chances of success.



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