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UN Jobs-Human Resources Associate

Micronesia, Federated States of

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Job Description

Micronesia, Federated States of

Short Information:

  • Organization: UNDP
  • Location: Micronesia
  • Type: Full Time
  • Job Title: Human Resource Associate
  • Close on:  20 Mar 2023

About Organization

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the United Nation’s global development network, established in 1965. It aims to support countries in achieving sustainable development goals and eradicating poverty. UNDP operates in nearly 170 countries, working with governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector to provide technical assistance, policy advice, and advocacy support. UNDP’s focus areas include democratic governance, poverty reduction, crisis prevention and recovery, environmental sustainability, and gender equality. The organization is headquartered in New York City, with offices in several other locations worldwide.

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About UN Jobs-Human Resources AssociateAbout

The Human Resources (HR) Associate offers leadership in the implementation of the complete range of office HR services, ensuring their openness and integrity, under the direction and direct supervision of the Operations Manager and in close cooperation with the HR Analyst in the Fiji Office. The HR Associate encourages teamwork, a client-focused attitude, and the upkeep of excellent employee morale. The primary outcomes have an effect on the office’s overall effectiveness, including better business outcomes and customer service.

Key Duties and Accountabilities

  • HR plans and policies are administered and put into effect.
  • Administration of human resources
  • career development and performance evaluation
  • UN-related Surveys.
  • building and sharing knowledge

Makes sure HR plans and policies are administered and implemented, and modifies processes and procedures

  • Complete adherence to UN rules and regulations, UNDP policies, procedures, and strategies in the HR recording and reporting systems; efficient application of the internal control framework; and successful operation of the HR management system.
  • supplying management and employees with information on business strategies, modifications to laws and regulations, the implementation of personnel policies, the strategic use of contractual stipulations, the use of entitlements, and change management procedures.
  • Internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for HR management have been mapped out by CO HR, along with their content.

Assures efficient delivery of services related to human resources

  • Implementation of recruitment processes including drafting the job description, provision of input to job classification process, vacancy announcement, screening of candidates, and participation in interview panels. Provision of information on recruitment in UNDP projects.
  • Facilitate creation/update of positions, the association of positions to chart fields (PTAEOs), update of PTAEO information, performing the functions of HR Manager Position Administrator and Absence Processor, PMD Focal point, Recruiter UNDP in ERP as delegated by the Resident Representative.
  • Timely follow-up with Finance staff on Global payroll issues.
  • Input and tracking of all transactions related to positions, recruitment, benefits, earnings/deductions, retroactivity, recoveries, adjustments, and separations.
  • Maintenance of the office staffing table, including tracking of contract end dates to support management on contract renewals or separation actions as appropriate.
  • Implementation of international staff entitlements and position funding delegated to country offices.
  • Maintenance of office rosters including e-rosters.
  • Maintenance of proper filing system for HR records and documents including personnel files.
  • Validation of cost-recovery charges for HR services provided by UNDP to other Agencies.

Ensures adequate career development and employee performance management

  • As Secretary of the Talent Management Review Group, I provide assistance with the performance appraisal process and maintain the associated data.
  • involvement in the development of the Office Learning Plan and personal learning plans in cooperation with the Senior Management and Operations Manager.
  • Make sure everyone on staff completes the required training.

Ensures the completion of surveys relating to the UN

  • Collection of information for comprehensive and interim local salary.
  • Participation in the work of LSSC.

Ensures the completion of surveys relating to the UN

  • Organization of training for the operations/ projects staff on HR issues.
  • Synthesis of lessons learned and best practices in HR.
  • Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.
  • Performs other duties within the functional profile as assigned or deemed necessary for the efficient functioning of the office.

UN Jobs-Human Resources Associate Requirments


  • Required secondary education
  • Human Resources, Business, Public Administration, Social Sciences, and other relevant subjects with a bachelor’s degree will be given appropriate consideration.


  • At the national or worldwide level, experience in HR and/or administration requiring increasing levels of responsibility must be at least 6 years with a secondary education or 3 years with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Knowledge of how to use computers, office suites like Microsoft Word and Excel, and web-based management systems


  • English proficiency is a prerequisite, while knowledge of the local language is a benefit.

How to Apply?

  1. qualifications and experience required.
  2. Prepare your application: Each job opening will have specific requirements, but generally, you will need to submit a cover letter and a resume or CV. Make sure you tailor your application to the job you are applying for, highlighting your relevant experience and skills.
  3. Submit your application: Once you have prepared your application, click on the “Apply” button and follow the instructions to submit your application. You may need to answer some additional questions or provide more information.
  4. Wait for a response: The UN receives a large number of applications for each job opening, so it may take some time before you hear back from them. You can check the status of your application on the UN Careers website.

It’s important to note that the UN uses a competitive recruitment process, which means that the selection of candidates is based on merit and the best-qualified candidates will be selected. So, make sure you highlight your skills and experience in your application and demonstrate how you can contribute to the UN’s mission.


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