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UN Jobs in Ethiopia-Shipping Assistant


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Job Description

High School Diploma

Short Information:

  • Organization: UN
  • Location: Ethiopia
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Job Title: Shipping Assistant
  • Close on: 19 Mar 2023

About Organization

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1945 to promote international cooperation and maintain international peace and security. It currently has 193 member states and its headquarters is located in New York City.

The UN operates through several bodies, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the International Court of Justice, and the Secretariat. Its work encompasses a wide range of issues, such as human rights, sustainable development, climate change, disarmament, and international law.

The UN has played a significant role in promoting global cooperation and addressing global challenges, such as poverty reduction, gender equality, and eradicating diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria. However, it has also faced criticism and controversy, particularly regarding its effectiveness in preventing conflict and its ability to enforce its decisions.

About UN Jobs in Ethiopia-Shipping Assistant

In terms of the caliber and precision of the work produced, the major outcomes have an impact on how the UNECA shipping Unit services management is carried out. accurate data entry, information presentation, and a focus on the needs of the customer in the delivery of effective and top-notch shipping services. Choices must be taken carefully to ensure that deadlines are met, that shipping services are accurate and timely, and that the office presents a professional image.

Work Location

Addis AbabaExpected duration

9 monthsDuties and Responsibilities

The Logistics Unit, which is a crucial component of the Supply Chain Management Section, is in charge of managing the duty-free inbound and outbound shipment for official items, as well as for international staff members PE/HHG and vehicles. The Independent Contractor will help the shipping unit team with a number of shipping-related tasks.


The position holder will be accountable for the following tasks under the direct supervision of the Shipping Unit Supervisor and the general guidance of the Chief of Section:

Handled all inbound shipments of official goods and staff members PE/HHG and vehicle. • Processing all outbound shipments of official goods and staff members PE/HHG and vehicle. • Maintain duty free privileges according with host country agreement between Ethiopia and United Nations and Staff rules • Clear and delivery conference equipment and press equipment during for various meeting at UNECA • Advise and provide explanation on any query raised by international staff members on the duty free privileges for the importation of HHG and vehicle. • Solicit quotations for potential and recognize clearing Agent. • Management of petty cash • Assist international staff and local staff members on their PE/HHG at Government Office. • Arrange note verbal and letter • organizing and file all inbound and out bound official shipments and International Staff member, • Drafts a variety of correspondence. • Resolves issues/problems related to delivered goods, including discrepancies between purchase orders and items/quantities shipped or received; prepares and signs Return to Vendor forms for unacceptable and/or damaged goods received. • Performs other duties as assigned by the Supervisor and Chief of the Section.

UN Jobs in Ethiopia-Shipping Assistant Requirments


  • High School Diploma


  • The position holder will be accountable for the following tasks under the direct supervision of the Shipping Unit Supervisor and the general guidance of the Chief of Section:


  • The working languages of the United Nations Secretariat are English and French. English proficiency in both oral and written form is necessary for the advertised position. Good writing skills in English are required. It is advantageous to speak French or another UN-approved language.

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