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Sudan, South

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Job Description

8+ Year
Male, Female, Both
High School Diploma
Sudan, South

Short Information:

  • Organization: UNMISS
  • Location: South Sudan
  • Type: Full Time
  • Job Title: Logistics Officer
  • Close on:  23 Mar 2023

About Organization

UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan) is a peacekeeping mission established by the United Nations Security Council in 2011 to help build peace and stability in South Sudan. The mission was established following the country’s independence from Sudan, which resulted in a civil war that lasted for many years. UNMISS has been working to support the peace process in South Sudan by providing security, political support, and humanitarian assistance.

UNMISS works closely with the Government of South Sudan, civil society organizations, and other partners to promote peace and stability in the country. The mission’s activities include protecting civilians, monitoring human rights violations, supporting the delivery of humanitarian assistance, and helping to build the capacity of the national police and other security forces.

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The mission is led by a Special Representative of the Secretary-General and has the mandate to support the implementation of the peace agreement, facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance, and promote human rights and the rule of law. UNMISS has a multidimensional approach that includes military, police, and civilian components.

The mission is funded by the United Nations and member states that contribute troops, police officers, and other personnel to support its operations. UNMISS works closely with other UN agencies, such as UNHCR, UNICEF, and WHO, to deliver humanitarian assistance to those in need.

About UN Jobs in South Sudan-LOGISTICS OFFICER

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISSMission )’s Support Centre (MSC), which is in Juba, is where this position is based. Juba is a non-family duty station that falls under the “E” category. The incumbent acts as the central coordinator for all logistics needs and technical assistance for a Mission-level framework for efficient management of ammunition. According to the COE Manual 2020, UN Policy on Weapons and Ammunition Management, and the UN Manual on Ammunition Management, (First Edition, 2020) Responsibilities, the incumbent is required to provide senior mission leadership with advice regarding the technical and logistical support related to ammunition and explosives.


The Logistics Officer will be in charge of the following tasks under delegated authority:

Participates in or leads technical survey missions and verification missions to troop-contributing countries.
• Provides effective and timely planning, oversight, management, and coordination of logistics support operations.
• Conduct logistics briefings and presentations on a required basis.
• Plans and coordinates logistics support to new, sustaining, expanding, contracting, and liquidating operations and other field missions and other field operations.
• Integrates and monitors the implementation of logistics support plans at all field missions.
• Provide technical assistance and advice to Mission leadership on handling, safety, storage and maintenance standards of ammunition.
• Acts as Secretary to the mission Weapons and Ammunitions Advisory Board (WAAB).
• Plan and coordinate inspection of Ammunitions and Ammunition Storage Areas (ASAs).
• Coordinate effective implementation of inspection findings and recommendations related to ammunition safety.
• Develop and manage a comprehensive Database for effective management of all data related to weapons and ammunition, including the ASAs.
• Coordinate disposal of Unserviceable Ammunition.
• Coordinate the rehabilitation of High-Risk and Medium-Risk ASAs.
• Coordinate Replenishment of Ammunition for the military and Formed Police units.
• Processing of operational ammunition expenditure certificates and claim.
• Contribution to SUR and MOU development related to weapons, ammunition and ammunition storage containers requirements.
• Draft Briefing Notes, Talking Points, Note-to-File, Fact Sheets and other relevant reports, vital to provide Mission Management with the updated information necessary for the WAAB.
• Develop SOPs and other documents on Weapons & Ammunition Management (TORs, projects
• Ensures that logistics requirements take account of gender-specific needs.
• Performs other duties as directed/required.

UN Jobs in South Sudan-LOGISTICS OFFICER Requirments


  • You need a high school diploma.


  • It is necessary to have at least 12 years of related work experience in the planning, organizing, and management of logistical operations in a military, commercial, or international organization. For candidates who hold a first-level university degree, the minimum years are lowered to 7 years.
  • It is necessary to have previous experience managing ammunition (including its storage, safety, and inspections) while serving in the military or as a police officer.


  • The working languages of the United Nations Secretariat are English and French. English proficiency in both oral and written form is necessary for the advertised employment.

How to Apply?

  1. Review job requirements: Read the job descriptions carefully to ensure that you meet the qualifications and experience required for the position.
  2. Prepare your application materials: Update your resume, write a cover letter that highlights your relevant experience and skills, and gather any other required documents (such as certifications or reference letters).
  3. Apply online: Follow the instructions in the job posting to submit your application. The World Bank accepts applications online, and the application process may include answering application questions, uploading your resume and cover letter, and filling out a job application form.
  4. Prepare for the interview: If you’re selected for an interview, prepare by researching the organization and practicing your responses to common interview questions.
  5. Follow up: After the interview, send a thank-you email or note to the interviewer to express your appreciation for their time and consideration.


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