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UN jobs in USA – National Consultant

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Brief details about UN jobs in USA – National Consultant:

  • Organization: UNDP – United Nations Development Programme

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    UN jobs in USA – National Consultant
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  • Location: Yaoundé
  • Grade: Consultancy – National Consultant – Locally recruited Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Economics
    • Scientist and Researcher
  • Closing Date: 2023-06-30

About UNDP:

Information about the organization that has offered the job:

UNDP Programe is well arranged and manifestly image Albania’s improvement priorities articulated in the National Strategy for Development and Integration as well as in the Albania-United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2026. Our Programme is alike with the UNDP Global Strategic Plan. It is  contributed towards the European Union Integration Agenda through several European Union acquis chapters. The Programme contributes to the goals of several Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, Based on its reputation and strength as a UN system integrator for Agenda 2030 and trusted impartial partner, UNDP will set economic transformation and eradication of multidimensional poverty and establish systems that address risk disasters and social injustice within the SDGs. In addition ,The key component of UNDP’s means will be integration and innovation.

Tasks of :

  • Perform a gender analysis of the socio-cultural context to identify constraints, norms and social practices harmful to girls and women in the area, including but not limited to the education of young girls, early marriages, gender-based violence, weaknesses in the mechanisms for protecting the rights of women and young girls, constraints on access to birth certificates and NIC, access to land resources, to decision-making positions, etc.
  • Recognize the sectors with a high concentration of men and women by councils as well as the constraints and obstacles encountered by them;
  • Produce a profile of women’s farmer organizations within the project area, by sector of activity and legal status, along with their necessities in terms of technical support, organization, capacity-building, logistics, etc.; in this case, identify, assess and scale needs in terms of supply of production inputs and equipment to alleviate the arduousness of domestic and production work for the benefit of women;
  • Determine new economic opportunities related to the road project for women and girls, and the major challenges to their economic empowerment;
  • Propose methods for improving the situation, particularly those with a high potential for positive impact on social relations between men and women, together with an action plan and terms of reference for their implementation;
  • Recognize, based on weighted criteria, three locations and sites, to host a multi-purpose agro-processing and marketing unit, market sheds with latrines, water points and day-care centers for the marketing areas, as provided for in the Project Document;
  • Recognizepotential beneficiaries for improved stoves along the project area;
  • Recognize, based on weighted criteria, 5 sites and locations for the construction of warehouses provided for in the Project Document;
  • Recognize, based on weighted criteria, sites for the drilling of 05 boreholes in the major agro-pastoral production basins;
  • Provide updated socio-economic indicators on the situation of women and men along the Ring-road and propose target importance after three years, as well as a framework for monitoring them;
  • Capture the interest of CTDs in helping women’s economic empowerment, especially through communal development plans.
  • Examine the capacity of local authorities and decentralized government services to facilitate the implementation of project activities.


Qualifications of :


  • Master’s degree (Bac+ 4) in Social Sciences (Gender, Law, Economics, etc…), Rural Development, Education Sciences, Planning, Agricultural Sciences, Sustainable Development or equivalent. An equivalent of 5 years’ of professional background is accepted in lieu of a Master’s degree.


  • At least 05 years professional background in carrying out socio-economic studies or in local development;
  • Background in mainstreaming gender in the planning of development projects;
  • Good understanding of local development dynamics;
  • Proven background in adult education (andragogy);
  • Proven experience of working in a team;
  • Outstanding analytical, writing, and summarising skills;
  • Very fine use of Word, Excel, XAMPP or WAMP.


  • Outstanding command of the English language, knowledge of French and a language of communication common in the project area would be an asset.


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