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Job Description

5 Year

Short Information

  • Organization: WHO
  • Location: Haiti
  • Type: Full Time
  • Job Title: Pharmacist, Stock Management
  • Close on:  8 Mar 2023

About Organization

The United Nations has a dedicated agency for worldwide public health called the World Health Organization (WHO). It was established in 1948, and its goal is to unite people, partners, and nations to advance health, ensure global security, and assist the most vulnerable so that everyone can experience the best possible health. According to its constitution, WHO has a broad mandate and promotes global health through research, instruction, advocacy, and cooperation with other organizations.

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About UN Jobs-Pharmacist, Stock Management

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Country Offices are in charge of ensuring that the country’s program of technical cooperation and its country presence in the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) provides adequate support to the national health development process while also enabling countries to shape the subregional, regional, and global health agendas. The primary organizational structure for technical cooperation with the country or countries is the PAHO/WHO Country Office, which utilizes resources from all organizational levels and divisions.

UN Jobs-Pharmacist, Stock Management Duties

  • Support the PROMESS warehouse’s administration of its medical supply inventory by keeping track of incoming and outgoing stock using the SAGE stock management system; make sure that partners’ and consumers’ supply orders are appropriately filled out;
  • Organize physical inventories, create them, and make reports in accordance with agreed timetables (weekly, monthly, yearly) for the PAHO technical programs, external partners, and the Ministry of Health;
  • Verify and repair any differences between the physical stock and the electronic records; present reports with justifications and suggestions; and put corrective actions into place to cut down on waste and inaccuracies.
  • As per standard operating protocols, examine the actual receipts for the pharmaceutical products that the store clerks have issued and send confirmation of receipt of the goods;
  • Work closely with the Administrative and Finance Technician to determine the average volume and value of products held for each technical program on a quarterly basis. This information will be used to report to and bill partners and programs.
  • Ensure that information is updated on the PROMESS website and that the list of pharmaceutical and medical products for sale is updated monthly;
  • Develop, plan, and oversee the distribution of needed stocks, working with the warehouse manager to ensure that they are prepared, loaded, and transported in a timely and accurate manner; routinely deliver distribution reports and other requested documents to partners;
  • Work closely with the Administrative & Finance Technician and Pharmacist at PROMESS, as well as the Procurement and Supply Management Department (PRO), to estimate, calculate, and oversee the purchase of pharmaceutical products through PMIS while taking into account national pharmaceutical policies and regulations;
  • Manage staff in charge of processing pharmaceutical orders received from partners and PAHO technical departments; make sure that orders are assessed and processed quickly and effectively;
  • to partners, the Ministry of Health, and PAHO technical units, produce and disseminate monthly inventory reports that include notifications on products that are about to expire to promote prompt distribution and use;
  • Work along with the warehouse manager to set up and maintain alerts for products that have expired in the inventory, as well as to verify that the FIFO (First in, First out) process is followed;
  • Provide clear information and stock reports in response to inquiries from PAHO/WHO, the Ministry of Health, and partners regarding products kept at PROMESS; work with partners to arrange joint physical inventory as needed;
  • Participate actively in the creation of 6-month procurement plans for PROMESS while closely collaborating with the pharmacist in charge of quality assurance. These plans will take into account historical data on average monthly distributions, the consumption of pharmaceutical products, stockouts, and lead times for delivery.
  • keep in touch with beneficiary institutions and partners, examine and OK requests, and give customers advice as needed;
  • collaborate closely with the pharmacist in charge of quality assurance to take part in the internal assessment of all documentation and processes linked to the management of supplies and inventories;
  • Participate in the mentoring and training of your MSPP/DPMT pharmacy colleagues of their responsibilities in pharmaceutical planning, procurement, and supply chain management and provide the information they need to be successful;
  • Participate in and oversee the management of pharmaceutical products during emergencies in close coordination with the PHE logistics team;
  • if the pharmacist in charge of quality assurance is not available, act as a backup;
  • carry out further related tasks as given.

UN Jobs-Pharmacist, Stock Management Requirments


  • a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in pharmaceutical science or another subject area relevant to the job’s responsibilities
  • A certificate or advanced degree in logistics and supply chain management, pharmaceutical science, quality assurance, cold chain management, or public health would be advantageous.


  • Five years of expertise managing medications for the pharmaceutical industry on a national level, including quality assurance, cold chain, and stock management.
  • Working knowledge of the management of medical stocks within international systems (UN or NGOs) would be beneficial.


  • Exceptional proficiency in French, Haitian Creole, and working knowledge of English.


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