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2024 (Funded) University of Montreal Scholarships in Canada

Opportunity Deadline

September 1, 2024
Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, PhD Degree
All Nationalities
Male, Female, Both

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Opportunity Details


The University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 present a fantastic chance for academic success for students in Canada. The goal of these prestigious scholarships is to attract and support worthy applicants from throughout the globe. Because the University of Montreal values academic accomplishment highly and provides a wide range of scholarships in multiple subject areas, students with different backgrounds and interests can find the right financial support for their study. You can get the funding you need to succeed with the University of Montreal Scholarships 2024, regardless of whether you plan to study a master’s, doctorate, or bachelor’s degree.

The University of Montreal, one of the top universities in Canada, is dedicated to developing the most brilliant brains and creating a global learning community. The Scholarships 2024 initiative, which offers deserving students significant financial assistance, exemplifies this commitment. By awarding scholarships based on merit and achievement, the university recognizes and celebrates exceptional academic achievement.

In addition to financial aid, the University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 offer access to a top-notch education and a plethora of chances for personal and professional development. With a broad choice of academic programs and cutting-edge research facilities, the institution offers a stimulating learning atmosphere where students may achieve. By applying for the Scholarships 2024, students will have access to a network of eminent academics, industrial contacts, and a lively campus community. Utilize the Scholarships 2024 to begin your transformative educational adventure in Canada by enrolling at the University of Montreal. Put money into your future.

A Synopsis of University of Montreal Canadian scholarships:

Nation: Canada
Université de Montréal is the university.
Degree: PhD, Master’s, Bachelor’s
Sort: Financed
Gender: Both
Accepted Nationalities Only
End date: September 1, 2024

Financial benefits of the University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 include the following:

undergraduate programs

At Level A, two sessions, or thirty credits, cost $12,951.76 annually; each session, or fifteen credits, costs $6,475.88; each credit costs $431.73.
At Level B, a session costs $3,086.30 (15 credits), or a credit costs $205.75 ($6,172.60 annually for two sessions or 30 credits).
Level C: $1,079.57 for 15 credits per session, or $71.97 for each credit ($2,159.15 annually) for two sessions (or 30 credits).


$10,046.35 a year for three sessions, or 45 credits; or $3,348.78 a session, or 15 credits; or $223.25 a credit. Presented without profit.
Research: $225.99 each credit ($10,169.68 per year for three sessions, or 45 credits) or $3,389.89 per session (equal to 15 credits).


Three sessions, or 45 credits, would cost $21,593.35 a year; each session would cost $7,197.78, or 15 credits; each credit would cost $479.85.

Required Documents:

Verification of identity and nationality requires valid passports or national identity cards.
Official transcripts of scholarly work: To demonstrate your performance and achievements in the classroom, submit authentic transcripts.
Revised Resume: Provide a current curriculum vitae that showcases your achievements, educational background, and professional experience.
Letters of recommendation: Obtain one or more recommendation letters that assess your academic performance and character.
Motivational Letter for Scholarship: Write a compelling letter explaining your academic aspirations, your motivation for applying, and how the award aligns with your ambitions.
Proficiency in the English Language: To prove your language skills, use standardized examinations or previous English training.
further documentation: Check the specific scholarship requirements to see if you need any further paperwork.

University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates have to be foreign students.
In addition to not being Canadian citizens or permanent residents, applicants must have a valid study permit.
All applicants must be enrolled full-time in a study program at Université de Montréal for the duration of their academic career.
Candidates should have a solid academic background and exhibit outstanding academic performance.

How to Apply for University of Montreal Scholarships in Canada for 2024:

To apply for the University of Montreal Scholarships in Canada year 2024, follow these steps:

Visit the scholarship portal or the University of Montreal’s official website to find out more about the many scholarships offered for the 2024–2021 academic year.
Gather the required documentation, such as transcripts, a motivation letter, letters of recommendation, and proof of your language proficiency.
Make sure you fill out the scholarship application form completely and with all the necessary information.
Compose a strong letter explaining your goals and your merits for the scholarship.

Using the email or online portal, submit your completed application and required papers as instructed.
Keep in mind the application deadline as well as any emails you may get from the scholarship committee.\


University/Company Information

Learn More About Université de Montréal


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