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5 United Nations Fellowships Programmes For Your Consideration

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5 United Nations Fellowships Programmes For Your Consideration

Fellowships within the UN system provide individuals an intensive learning chance and crash course on how the UN works. Some are open to anyone, but many fellowships are created for specific groups like ethnic minorities or candidates from specific regions. Fellowships occur within a certain time frame and offer stipends. If you’re interested in a career in human rights, international development, or a alike field, a fellowship at the UN is a great addition to your resume. Here are five UN programmes to consider:

Fellowships at the OHCHR

There are many fellowships available through the Office of the High Commissioner. One is for people of African descent from the diaspora and includes a 3-week comprehensive human rights training. The Indigenous Fellowship Programme provides training and education on the UN system and mechanisms dealing with indigenous issues and human rights. There are also fellowships for minority rights defenders who belong to national, ethnic, religious, or linguistic minorities; for staff associates and affiliated partners of human rights organizations with working experience in connection to torture and slavery; and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex activists.

The Office of the High Commissioner is the UN’s leading entity on human rights. Its role is to foster and protect human rights, assist governments, infuse a human rights view into all UN programmes, and conduct activities that empower people.

Fellowship at the UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations)

This fellowship gives participants the chance for cultural immersion. The goal of the programme is to streamline intercultural and interfaith exchanges and deepened understanding between young professionals from Europe, North America (EUNA) the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA). It’s framed around two-week exchange trips between EUNA and MENA countries, so participants from each geographic area get to see their counterparts’ region. After finishing the fellowship, participants will be better prepared as informed stakeholders and partners in cross-cultural exchanges. Potential participants must be citizens of EUNA or MENA countries between 25-38 years old. The jury also selects participants based on their leadership talents, strong interest in the countries they will visit, and proposals for models of intercultural cooperation.

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, established in 2005, is an initiative that seeks to “galvanize international action extremism” through intercultural, interreligious, and international collaboration.

ECA Fellowships for Young African Professionals (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa)

Proposed each year, this fellowship is for qualified young African professionals. Participants receive practical job background for career preparation in research, international development, and the public sector. Participants also become acquainted with the Commission’s programs and services to partner states and other bodies as they address Africa’s development. To apply, nominees must be younger than 35 years old with a Master’s degree or connected Advanced degree. People currently enrolled in a Ph.D. programme or with an admission can also apply.

The Commission’s goal is to accelerate development and fulfill the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063. Areas of focus include preventing further crises in conflict and post-conflict countries, as well as addressing inequality and poverty.

Visiting Ph.D. Fellowship at UNU-WIDER

The Visiting Ph.D. The fellowship Programme provides participants with resources and facilities at UNU-WIDER for their dissertation or thesis analysis on developing economies. Most times, fellows expend three months at UNU-WIDER in Helsinki where they prepare analysis papers and present a seminar on their findings. They may also publish research in the WIDER Working Paper Series. Applicants must be enlisted in a Ph.D. programme (the fellowship is geared toward researchers in the late stages of their Ph.D.) and prepared to research developing economies. While UNU-WIDER focuses on economics, nominees in other social sciences can apply. Other necessities  include fluency in written and oral English.

The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research is the first research center of the United Nations University. It provides economic study and policy advice in pursuit of sustainable and equitable development.

Emerging Leaders Fellowship at UNA-USA

For a semester, Fellows shadowed a UNA-USA National Office staff person. The program provide a learning chance for UNA-USA associates early in their careers who are interested in a specific area of operations. Fellows work on projects within their theme and meet weekly with their Staff Shadow for feedback, status updates, and other assistance. At the end of the program, Fellows present an outcomes memo. To apply, participants must be at least 18 years old, a UNA-USA member in good standing, and available for 15 hours a week during the cohort. Fellowship areas incorporate advocacy, communications, leadership development, model UN, and youth engagement.

The United Nations Association of the USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting support for the United Nations among Americans. As a United Nations Foundation program, it supports  for more American leadership at the UN, UN system improvements, and more progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. It’s made of over 20,000 members.

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