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Best Faceless YouTube Course 2023 | Earn Money with Youtube

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Best Faceless YouTube Course 2023 | Earn Money with Youtube:

Starting a YouTube Channel is ideal work for many people. Indeed, being a Youtube is one of the most wanted careers over the past decade till now! Creating a YouTube channel is as easy as signing up for an Instagram account. However, succeding at it doesn’t have to be that easy. But with this course, you can change your dream into a reality. This course has over 12 modules, each dedicated to a specific segment of a YouTube Business. This course is dedicated only to faceless channels. Keep reading if you are interested!

Course Agenda:

This is a detailed course that will teach you step-by-step how to start and grow a faceless YouTube channel or even a personal channel.

What Makes This Course Special?

If you have struggled to get success on YouTube and want to learn how to build a real business to six figures and more, this is the course for you.

Why This Course?

There are other YouTube courses on the market and some are quite good. The problem is almost all cost $500 or more. Our course is less than $100!

Complete Course Overview:

Module 1

Choosing A Niche

  • How to choose the right niche for you
  • Types of faceless YouTube channels
  • Which YouTube niches pay the most
  • Which YouTube niches you MUST avoid
  • BONUS: 400+ Examples Niche Channels
  • and more…

Module 2

Market Research

  • Coming up with initial niche ideas
  • How to analyze a niche
  • How to verify the profitability of a niche
  • and more…

Module 3

Channel Optimization

  • Secrets to properly optimize your channel for success
  • How to write an optimized channel description
  • The best optimization settings that many channel creators forget
  • How to make sure to get advanced features enabled
  • and more…

Module 4

Logo and Channel Art

  • Learn how to create channel art that will stand out
  • Discover the best place to create channel art
  • The best place to outsource the creation of channel art
  • and more…

Module 5

Get Ready For Growth

  • The secret rule to uploading YouTube videos
  • How to dominate YouTube’s suggested videos
  • Keyword research secrets
  • Best tool to use for keyword research
  • What makes a viral video go viral
  • and more…

Module 6

Video Creation System

  • The 5 parts to creating videos
  • Secrets to writing great scripts
  • Best ways to record great voice overs
  • Where to get free content for your videos
  • Best video editors
  • BONUS: List of all placed to get free stock footage, images and music
  • and more…

Module 7

High CTR Thumbnails

  • Learn trade secrets to creating high CTR thumbnails
  • Key dimensions
  • 9 characteristics of high CTR that you can apply now
  • Tracking CTR of thumbnails
  • How to create high CTR thumbnails yourself
  • Best place to create thumbnails
  • and more…

Module 8

Uploading Optimization

  • The parts of a proper video uploading process
  • Key video optimization tactics most YouTubers ignore
  • Complete breakdown of the uploading process
  • and more…

Module 9

The YouTube Algorithm

  • Factors that matter most to YouTube
  • How videos rank and how to beat the algorithm
  • How to increase watch time and session time
  • The science of going viral on YouTube
  • Worst mistakes people make on YouTube
  • and more…

Module 10

Monetization Tactics

  • Every way to make money on YouTube
  • The one monetization strategy that many YouTubers miss
  • How to make money with ads
  • and more…

Module 11


  • How to properly outsource to scale and grow
  • Where to find freelancers you can hire
  • Two places you should use to hire freelancers
  • How to post a job and what your listing MUST include
  • What you should pay for outsourcing
  • and more…

Module 12

The Complete Process

  • Complete video based guide from start to finish
  • Shows the complete faceless channel process
  • Step by step instructions to start and grow a channel
  • and more…

Extra Module


  • How to use ChatGPT to create videos
  • Using ChatGPT to eliminate script writing
  • Generate content and video ideas
  • Using ChatGPT for video editing
  • and more…

Also Get Access To These 6 Bonuses:

Printable Guide

This guide will cover every step of the process that you need to use to make money on YouTube without showing your face.

Optimization Secrets

In-depth guides to help you properly create a YouTube channel and optimize it so it will rank on YouTube faster.


These checklists will help you to understand what you need to be doing to gain success with your faceless YouTube channel.

Affiliate List

Gain access to a huge list of affiliate network and affiliate programs that you can use to monetize your channel.

Stock Footage List

We have included this complete list of every stock footage and stock image and photo website you should ever need.

Example Channels

As an added bonus gain access to a downloadable list of 400+ faceless YouTube channels for your inspiration.


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