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German is a language that one should learn at least the basics in order to get by in Europe and many other places across the world. It is the official language of nations like Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and is extensively spoken throughout the continent. German has long been associated with artists, musicians, philosophers, and poets, and it is currently one of the most influential languages in science, innovation, and technology. Therefore, learning German will be very beneficial to you regardless of your hobbies, as it will enable you to freely and directly engage with people in their native language and gain direct access to the works of brilliant minds. This free introductory German course offered is a special chance to get a head start on the language and possibly inspire you to continue learning it with us.

Concerning this course

This course aims to familiarize you with the culture and way of life of the three main German-speaking countries in Europe, but it also teaches you the fundamental skills needed to learn German.


Through a variety of exercises and assignments, you will learn some fundamental communication techniques and pick up some terminology necessary to participate in discussions. The vocabulary encompasses not only common German terms and idioms but also variants used in various German-speaking nations and even geographical areas. This makes studying more enjoyable and applicable to speaking with anyone around the world. Each week, the course provides its students with a variety of tasks to complete; these tasks together make up the learning process.
What you’re going to discover
When addressing German speakers in their native tongues,
Manage basic numerical data, Discover the fundamentals of German pronunciation.
accurately pronounce a few place names associated with German-speaking areas,
Put oneself in the best possible light.
Enroll in the program.
You will see how much fun and happiness you can receive from learning a new language by completing this course, which is an extract from a Beginner German course and may be continued on the subsequent levels. Learning German is not as hard as you have assumed.


What you’ll learn

  • To greet German speakers on meeting them in their specific dialects,
  • Handle simple numbers,
  • Learn the basic specificities of German pronunciation,
  • Correctly articulate some geographic names related to German-speaking locations,
  • Represent yourself on the basic level.

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