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Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program in Canada (Study in Canada)

Opportunity Deadline

Master Degree, PhD Degree
Different Nationalities
Male, Female, Both

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Opportunity Details

Are you trying to further your education in Ontario, Canada? Talented graduate students in Canada have an amazing chance through the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS). OGS was founded to encourage excellence in master’s and doctoral graduate programs by offering financial aid based on academic achievement. Top-tier academics from all over the world are drawn to Ontario’s premier schools by this prestigious program to pursue their research and academic objectives. With its funding that is generous and its competitive selection process, OGS is a shining example for ambitious scholars who want to make important contributions to their areas.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS) provides unmatched academic opportunities for deserving graduate students. OGS provides significant financial help, relieving scholars of the financial stress so they can concentrate on their studies and research projects. Furthermore, OGS participants get acknowledged for their academic accomplishments in addition to receiving financial support. This esteemed award elevates their scholarly reputations and provides opportunities for additional research partnerships and professional opportunities. With its focus on innovation and quality, OGS continues to be a pillar of Ontario’s dedication to supporting academic excellence.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS) in Canada is a ray of hope and recognition for exceptional scholars in the cutthroat world of graduate school. Richly funded, OGS gives worthy students the opportunity to follow their academic interests and make significant contributions to their fields of study. Furthermore, receiving financial aid from OGS is not the only benefit; it also represents validation of one’s academic ability and potential. This prestigious award boosts the recipient’s academic career and honors their scholarly accomplishments, opening doors for future success and influence in Ontario’s thriving academic community. Additionally, you can apply for the fully funded McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada 2025.

Canada’s Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program Specifics:

Academic Scholarship Canada is the host nation.
Level of Study: PhD and Masters
Host Institution(s): Universities Involved in OGS
Value of Scholarship: up to $15,000.
International and domestic students are eligible.

Eligibility for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program:

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS) eligibility requires applicants to be pursuing graduate studies in a master’s or doctoral program at an eligible Ontario university.
  • Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence, typically through a minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement set by the institution or program.
  • OGS is open to domestic and international students, although specific eligibility criteria may vary depending on the institution and program.
  • Applicants are often required to be registered full-time in their graduate program during the OGS award period.
  • Some institutions may have additional eligibility requirements, such as residency status or field of study.
  • Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the specific eligibility criteria outlined by their chosen institution and the Ontario government’s guidelines for the OGS program.

Application Deadline:

The application deadlines to apply for for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS) typically vary depending on the institution and the specific graduate program.

Benefits of Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program in Canada:

  • Generous funding of $10,000 for 2 consecutive study terms or $15,000 for 3 consecutive study terms
  • Recognition of academic excellence through the prestigious OGS award
  • Opportunity to focus on research and academic pursuits without financial constraints
  • Access to valuable networking opportunities and research collaborations
  • Enhancement of academic profile and credibility
  • Catalyst for personal and professional growth
  • Gateway to making significant contributions to fields of study
  • Advancement of career prospects in Canada

Brock University is listed among the participating OGS universities.
Carleton College
Guelph University Lakehead University
University of Laurentian
University of McMaster
University of Nipissing
University of OCAD
Ontario Institute of Technology University
Ottawa University
University of Queen’s
University of Ryerson
Toronto University
Trent University
Waterloo University
University of Western
University of Wilfrid Laurier
Windsor University York University

How may one apply in Canada for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program?

The general procedures to apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS) in Canada are as follows:

Examine Eligibility: Make sure you fulfill the requirements for the OGS program established by the Ontario government and your selected university.
Research Institutions: Find out which Ontario universities offer the OGS program and make sure they are in line with your areas of interest in both academia and research.

Assemble Application Materials: Get ready all the paperwork needed for the application, which usually consists of a statement of purpose, recommendation letters, academic transcripts, and any additional papers the school may specify.
Verify the Deadlines: Take note of the OGS program application deadline that your selected university has set. Institution-specific deadlines may differ, but they usually occur in the first several months of the year.
Send in your application: Fill out and submit your application via the application portal or procedure that your school has authorized. Make sure you include and submit all necessary paperwork by the deadline.

Await Notification: Follow up with your institution to find out the status of your OGS application after the application deadline. Those who are selected will be given instructions on what to do next.



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