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Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024| OYW Summit in Canada | Fully Funded

Opportunity Deadline

March 20, 2024
All Nationalities
Male, Female, Both

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Opportunity Details

The Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024 is currently accepting applications. The winners of this fully financed scholarship 2024 will go to Montreal, Canada, for the amazing One Young World Summit 2024. We are aware that fostering and maintaining positive social ties requires social events and celebrations. Pernod Ricard is dedicated to turning these moments—regardless of the occasion or the presence of alcohol—into genuine experiences of sharing. Despite their strong desire to unite people, they understand that events like parties and get-togethers can be dangerous. When spending time together, individuals who are lonely or exhibit antisocial behavior could not be included. which can threaten personal safety. When alcohol is involved, we know that its excessive consumption can cause harm to people and their communities. To truly get the health and social benefits of togetherness, we must work together to create more inclusive, safer, and more responsibly enjoyed spaces.

The Pernod Ricard can only accomplish this goal if all members collaborate with one another. This entails actively interacting and cooperating with young adults to create a future in which they can drink responsibly. For this reason, Pernod Ricard and One Young World, a global community of young leaders, are collaborating to introduce the incredible One Young World Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024. An interdisciplinary team of dedicated young leaders will be sought out and connected by the international scholarship program. Ten young leaders will be chosen to receive the OYW Pernod Ricard Scholarship. They will seek out individuals who are constructing constructive social environments and addressing hazardous drinking scenarios and their wider effects in their nations and localities.

The international One Young World Summit 2024, which will take place in Montreal, Canada, from September 18–21, 2024, will be fully funded for participants through the One Young World Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024. There is complete funding available for the OYW Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024. Selected academics will be a part of Pernod Ricard’s delegation to the world conference in Canada. They will be able to influence their interventions during the event and get expert mentoring to help them move their projects along more quickly. In addition, every academic will participate in a group project aimed at influencing Pernod Ricard’s views on future social interactions and initiatives to curtail excessive alcohol consumption.

This is a great chance for you if you’re young and want to make a difference in society: you can participate in the fully financed OYW Summit 2024 in Montreal, Canada. The One Young World Summit (OYW) in Canada in 2024 presents a fantastic opportunity to bring students from around the world together on a global platform. Additionally, you can attend this completely supported conference in Canada without incurring any costs thanks to the Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024. Attendees of this international conference in Canada will have the chance to network and share ideas with experts and colleagues from across the world. Your life will be changed by this opportunity.Participants will attend the One Young World Summit in Canada in 2024 as delegates of Pernod Ricard. You will receive recognition as a One Young World Ambassador in addition to being acknowledged as a participant in this fully financed international conference.

Benefits :

The Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024 is a fully funded opportunity. This scholarship will cover most of the expenses. The list of benefits offered by the OYW scholarship program is given below.

Benefits of the OYW Summit Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024:

  • Applicants will get an opportunity to attend the 2024 One Young World Summit in Canada as a Pernod Ricard delegate.
  • The applicant will also get free hotel accommodation for the international summit from 16 to 21 September 2024.
  • The applicant will get the airfare, including return flights from the home country to Montreal and vice versa.
  • Applicants will get free food services, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner facilities.
  • They will also get transport facilities between the Summit accommodation and the venue.
  • Participants will get access to Pernod Ricard professionals in their respective fields based on needs and consultancy.
  • A chance to collaborate with other scholars to influence Pernod Ricard’s thinking on socializing and efforts to decrease excessive alcohol consumption.
  • An opportunity to receive international recognition.
  • A chance to visit Canada for free.

Eligibility Criteria :

Before starting the application, check the fully funded Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024 criteria. Check the requirements for this fully funded scholarship for international students below.

Eligibility Criteria for the Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024 in Canada:

  • Applicants from every nation are eligible for this fully funded scholarship in Canada.
  • Applicants who are interested in sharing their ambition to encourage positive social occasions and tackle harmful drinking. They must be making an impact to achieve these goals through their projects.
  • Applicants must be involved in the following relevant activities:
  1. Prevention and education activities and initiatives that aim to reduce excessive consumption of alcohol.
  2. Projects that tackle the harmful impacts of excessive alcohol consumption.
  3. Prevention initiatives that aim to reduce social harm.
  4. Projects that improve psychological and physical safety in social environments.
  5. Projects that encourage the bringing together of communities and educational initiatives around social inclusion and fighting isolation.
  6. Research into habits and the behavioral patterns of Gen Z, trends in socializing, and the role of alcohol in this socializing.
  • Furthermore, they must be of legal drinking age in their country at the time of their application.
  • They must be available to contribute to a collective post-summit project alongside other scholarship recipients.

OYW Summit Scholarship Deadline:

The application deadline for the Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024 for the One Young World Summit in Canada is 20 March 2024.

Application Procedure: Online applications are accepted for the One Young World Pernod Ricard Scholarship 2024.
To begin your application for the OYW Ricard Scholarship, click the Apply Now button below.
It will be necessary for students to complete the application.
The form asks questions and requests personal data.
Applicants must register themselves, provide the necessary information, and carefully consider each question.



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