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Slovakia Government Scholarships for International students

Opportunity Deadline

March 30, 2024
Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, PhD Degree
Different Nationalities
Male, Female, Both

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Opportunity Details

Description of Opportunity

Seventy scholarships are awarded annually by the Slovakia Republic Government’s Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport to ODA students wishing to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees in the country.

For every qualified nation, the precise amount of scholarships and study areas are listed separately. Afghanistan has been awarded eight scholarships (for bachelor’s and master’s degrees). (You may view the list here to find out how many scholarships have been given to your nation.) Applications for study abroad programs in Slovakia will be accepted from March 25, 2024, to May 30, 2024.

This is your chance to pursue your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral studies in a European nation. Submit an application for Slovakian Government Scholarships now.

Information about scholarships:

Period of application: 25.03.–30.05.2024

a bachelor’s degree PhD master’s degree
Note: Only eight bachelor’s and master’s degree scholarships are available for Afghanistan.

Instructional language: Slovak

Do not worry if you are not a Slovak language speaker. Following the approval of your scholarship application, you will enroll in a 10-month Slovak language preparatory course before submitting an application to the institution.

Slovakia Scholarship advantages
Regarding master’s and bachelor’s degrees:

400 euros per month for a scholarship100 euros as a study beginning stipend200 euros as a study completion stipend80 euros a month for a public university stipend
Regarding Ph.D.:

A scholarship of 734 euros per month100 euros as a study beginning stipend200 euros as a study completion stipend240 euros per month is the public university stipend.
To become ready for language:

400 euros per month for a scholarship100 euros as a study beginning stipend80 euros a month for a public university stipend

Note: The monthly scholarship may be changed in accordance with a major shift in Slovakia’s standard of life.

Study subjects for Afghanistan (Bachelor and Master’s degrees): (applicants from other nations can view the list in the file attached above)

Ecological and Environmental Sciences;

1610 Biotechnology; 2908 Agriculture and Landscape; 4190 Wood Science and Technology; 3331 Forestry; 4219 (except Forest ecosystem services, Forest Technology); Teacher Training and Education Science; 7605 Economics and Management; 6213 (except Tourism)Healthcare Sciences; 5618; Veterinary Medicine; 4318 (with the exception of Dental Hygiene, Physiological and Clinical Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Radiology Technology, and Dental Technique)General Practitioner 5141 (With the exception of medical neuroscience, biochemistry, clinical and pharmaceutical medicine, and biophysics)Dental care and dentistry; 5166Pharmacy Public Health (5214); 5607Nursing; 2381 Civil Engineering; 5602 Mechanical Engineering Computer Science Electrical and Electronic Engineering Cybernetics Technology and Chemical Engineering Nutritional Sciences Transport 3772 (apart from logistics, postal services, and transport services)Harvesting and preparing natural resources Urban planning and architecture

Slovakian fees:

Monthly cost of dorm accommodations: 92–100 euros Daily meals (11 €): 330 € per month Examination of the health: 140/169 euros Interview regarding the admissions process: 20–80 euros Completing the degree program: around 33 euros Dissertation: roughly fifty euros. Diploma translation and authentication: 33 euros
Bonus amount:

Students that thrive academically will receive a bonus of 50 euros each month for a 1.3 GPA.
PhD candidates passed the test by the deadline of 170 euros annually.

Documents that are needed:

highest degree certificate Certificate of high school graduation for applicants seeking a bachelor’s degree, and transcripts for applicants seeking a master’s or doctoral degree By August 31st, an acceptance letter can be included. English, Slovak, French, Czech, or Spanish birth certificate A recent photo with a minimum resolution of 300 x 400 pixels and a complete face without spectacles, measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm Two letters of endorsement from signed publications passport, motivation letter, and resume Signed application (print the completed application form in PDF format from your account, sign the final section, and attach a scanned copy of the form)

How should one apply?

Online applications are accepted for Slovak Government Scholarships. After registering, you will get an email confirming your registration along with an activation link. To activate your account, click the activation link. Register Once you’ve logged in, complete the application and include the necessary files.

Who can submit an application?

Applications for Slovakia Government Scholarships must meet the standards listed below:

Come from one of the qualified nations By September 1st, you must be between the ages of 18 and 26 for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and between the ages of 23 and 35 for doctoral degrees.


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