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TDF Imam Hatip High School Scholarship 2024 In Turkey

Opportunity Deadline

February 29, 2024
All Nationalities
Male, Female, Both

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Opportunity Details

Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDF) is accepting applications for the TDF Imam Hatip High School Scholarship 2024 in Turkey. TDF provides an excellent educational curriculum for high school students studying at Imam Khatip High School. TDF works in education to assist students from 111 countries in contributing to Muslim communities through Islamic education, as well as teaching qualified people about all aspects of Islam.

If you are a non-Turkish student looking to complete your high school education and degree programs in Turkey, apply today for this fully financed scholarship.

Benefits of the TDF Imam Hatip High School Scholarship

This Scholarship provides a wide range of facilities to the students as follows:

  • Annual health expenses;
  • Residence Permit or Fee;
  • Clothing Scholarship;
  • Round–trip flight tickets to the students every year during their education in Turkey;
  • Stationery Support;
  • Summer and Winter Camps;
  • Academic Support Activities;
  • Three meals a day;
  • Library facility access;
  • Sports fields;
  • Visits to historical places and various cities;
  • Private tutor for students who wish to be Quran Hafiz;
  • Opportunity to be an Imam on Fridays;
  • Market Permissions;
  • Free school uniforms and textbooks;
  • Computer room;
  • Lounges;
  • 24 hours hot water;
  • Canteen;
  • Various courses and activities will contribute to personal development.

Eligibility Criteria

Students adhering to the following requirements can apply to this program:

  • Be a citizen of any country but the Republic of Turkey;
  • Not married (be single);
  • Born after 01 January 2008;
  • To graduate from higher secondary or intermediate equivalent to Turkish grade 8 with a score degree of at least 70 percent;
  • Not have been punished during his education;
  • Not repetition or school suspension for more than two years;
  • The student or his family must not live inside Turkey and must live in his own home country;
  • Not be a refugee and not live with family in Turkey;
  • Be mentally and physically healthy;
  • Not finished primary education in Turkey

Documents Required

Applicants should provide the following documents:

  • Valid original secondary school certificate or a certified copy of the diploma;
  • A transcript of the 8th grade and, if a senior, the original or certified copy of the previous year’s transcript;
  • Tazkera or Passport or certified copy of Passport;
  • An official health report;
  • Six passport photographs (4.5 x6 cm in size);
  • Education valid visa;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Parental or guardian consent for the applicant to study in Turkey

Application Procedure

Applications will pass the document and information checks to complete the preliminary evaluation process. Applicants will receive face-to-face interview invitations in their respective countries, and the interview panel will evaluate the candidates according to the following areas:

  • Visual Aptitude Test;
  • Knowledge of reciting the Qur’an and tajwid;
  • Basic religious knowledge (Faith, worship, Sirah ethics);
  • General culture;
  • Self-expression ability;
  • Preference awareness;
  • Special talent;
  • Language skills


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