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UNHCR Internship Program 2024 (Apply Now)

Opportunity Deadline

Bachelor Degree
All Nationalities
Male, Female, Both

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Opportunity Details

The UNHCR invites applications from gifted, driven, and enthusiastic people everywhere who can enhance the organization’s ability to assist the people of concern with their expertise, creative ideas, and unique perspectives. For international applicants who are willing to work in humanitarian organizations and are highly motivated, enthusiastic, and skilled, the UNHCR Internship Program is among the top internship opportunities. Interns participating in this program are exposed to an international working environment in addition to becoming a part of the UNHCR’s mission to serve humanity. The goal of this paid internship is to draw enthusiastic people from all over the world so they can share their unique perspectives and creative ideas for the benefit of humanity.

Students and recent graduates have a fantastic opportunity to obtain invaluable experience in the field of international humanitarian aid through the UNHCR Internship Program. The program is available to people with strong academic credentials, outstanding communication skills, and the capacity to work well in a team who are enthusiastic about changing the world. Interns will have the chance to work with seasoned professionals and obtain practical experience in a range of areas related to the organization’s operations, such as communications, program management, advocacy, and fundraising, through the program.

Forcibly displaced people, refugees, stateless people, and community members uprooted by conflict are all targets of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which works to preserve human rights, save lives, and create better futures for all. This group makes sure that those in need of social services have access to them, as well as housing and safety from conflicts, natural disasters, and violence. Dedicated employees can be found in 130 countries worldwide, but its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization’s main office is located in Geneva, Switzerland, but it also maintains offices and devoted workers in over 130 other countries.

The UNHCR’s 2024 internship program Specifics:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Internship is the host organization.
Locations: Country and Regional offices; Geneva
International students are eligible.
A internship Time Frame: 1-6 Months
Deadline: Not specified

Eligibility Criteria of the UNHCR Internship 2024:

Applicants with immediate family members who work for the UNHCR are not eligible.
All International students are eligible regardless of the country they hail from.
Candidates must be enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate degree program through a university or higher education facility accredited by UNESCO.
Students recently graduated are also eligible.
Candidates should have completed two years of their undergraduate degree in a field relevant to the work of the organization or in a related area.

UNHCR Internship Deadline:

The deadline for applying for an internship with UNHCR varies depending on the available opportunity.

UNHCR Internship Program 2024 Benefits:

Financial support: The program offers a competitive stipend to cover the cost of living during the internship period. This ensures that interns can fully focus on their work and get the most out of their experience without worrying about financial constraints.
Practical experience: Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals and gain hands-on experience in various areas of the organization’s operations, including advocacy, fundraising, program management, and communications. This practical experience will help interns develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a career in the humanitarian sector.
Professional development: The program offers a range of training sessions, workshops, and events that will enhance interns’ knowledge of the UNHCR’s mission and the humanitarian sector as a whole. Interns will also have access to mentors who can provide guidance and support as they navigate their careers.
Cultural immersion: Interns will be exposed to different cultures, languages, and perspectives, which will broaden their understanding of the complex issues facing refugees and other displaced populations worldwide. This cultural immersion will help interns develop a more nuanced and empathetic approach to their work.
Networking opportunities: Interns will have the opportunity to meet and work with professionals from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. This networking can be invaluable for building relationships and securing future employment opportunities.

How may one apply for the UNHCR 2024 Internship Program?

Verify the requirements for eligibility: Make sure you match the requirements for eligibility, which include having graduated within the last two years or being enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate degree program.
Look for internships that are available: To look for open internships, go to the UNHCR’s official website or recruitment portal. Based on your preferred location and region of interest, you can filter the results.
Send in your application: Once your interests and qualifications align with an internship, submit your application online. To get started, you must register, enter your personal information, and upload your cover letter, résumé, and any further supporting files.

Await a response: An email acknowledging receipt of your application will be sent to you once you submit it. We will be in touch with you for an interview if you get the short list.
Interview: Depending on the location of the internship and your availability, you may be invited to an in-person or online interview if you are selected for further consideration.
Selection: Your credentials, background, and interview performance will all play a role in the ultimate decision.


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