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Driver Job at IOM in Afghanistan


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Job Description

Male, Female, Both
High School Diploma

Brief Details About Driver at IOM in Afghanistan:

  • Gender: Both
  • Degree: High School Diploma
  • No of Opportunities: 8
  • Province or State: Herat , Ningarhar and Kandahar
  • Duration: Six months with possibility of extension

About IOM:

The International Organization for Migration, or IOM, is a United Nations organization that offers services and guidance to governments and migrants, including refugees, migratory workers, and those who have been internally displaced. The IOM was founded in 1951 and is the top intergovernmental agency working in the issue of migration. It is dedicated to ensuring the humane and orderly management of migration. The four main areas of migration management that the IOM focuses on are forced migration, migration and development, facilitation of migration, and regulation of migration. In September 2016, the IOM was added to the list of affiliated organizations with the UN.

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Drive IOM vehicles efficiently and in safely manner for the passengers in conformity with local road traffic rules and regulations. Maintain high quality of driving conduct.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle to ensure roadworthy conditions. This includes daily check of tires, brakes, engine, oil, fan, belt, etc.
  • Arrange for minor repairs as needed and seek assistance when major mechanical problems occur. Advice the Dispatcher in case of service or repair judged necessary after field trips or in between regular scheduled service.
  • Vehicle must at all times be kept clean, interior and exterior.
  • Ensure that the vehicle undertakes regular service intervals.
  • Make sure that the vehicle always has sufficient fuel to accomplish the designated runs. Prior to departure for field trips ascertain the perfect running conditions of the vehicle and to have the tank full.
  • Ensure that the IOM vehicle is used only for official/authorized business, as advised by the supervisor.
  • Make sure to complete the car log sheet for mileage and fuel consumption control.
  • Submit proper receipt for purchase of fuel or any other needs related to the vehicle prior authorization.
  • Record and document any accidents or collisions however minor and report such incidents to the Fleet Manager/Dispatcher and Security Office.
  • Be prepared to work flexible longer hours and to travel long distances whereby several overnight stays may be necessary in different regions of Afghanistan and surrounding countries.
  • Keep a high degree of confidentiality and discreteness which involves IOM and its officials.
  • Collect and deliver mail/documents as assigned.
  • Hand over waiver form to non IOM personnel in case IOM vehicle is being used by.
  • Having always updated valid driving license.
  • Make sure all vehicle movements are coordinated with Dispatcher/Fleet Manager and further reported to the radio room.

Required Skills, Education, and Abilities:

  • Inclusion and respect for diversity: respects and promotes individual and cultural differences; encourages diversity and inclusion wherever possible.
  • Integrity and transparency: maintains high ethical standards and acts in a manner consistent with organizational principles/rules and standards of conduct.
  • Professionalism: demonstrates ability to work in a composed, competent and committed manner and exercises careful judgment in meeting day-to-day challenges.
  • In depth knowledge of driving rules and regulations, local roads and conditions, and security issues.
  • Knowledge of safety standards and use of safety equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, buoyant wearable safety devices, etc.).
  • Ability to apply mandatory documents on safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
  • Basic skills to assist in case of emergency, knowledge of first aid basic methods.
  • Knowledge and ability to use radio, email, telephone and other applications.
  • Ability to assess vehicles for mechanical fitness and skills in minor vehicle repairs.
  • Must be client-oriented, and have high sense of responsibility, courtesy and tact.
  • Two or more years of work experience as an armored vehicle driver, preferably in an international organization, embassy, or UN system with a demonstrated safe driving record.
  • Experience in driving a variety of makes and models of vehicles, including vans, trucks, and other kinds of motorized vehicles.
  • Experience in defensive driving is desirable.


High school diploma and two years of driving experience required. formal driving instruction and current driver’s license or certification are required to operate the allocated car in accordance with local laws.


Fluency in English, Dari and Pashto (oral and written)

How to Apply?

Interested candidates are invited to submit their curriculum vitae and educational certificates via email to applications4@iom.int with  vacancy number  on the subject by 22 May 2023 at the latest.

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