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Job Description

4 Year
Male, Female, Both
Master Degree, PhD Degree

About UN Jobs in Ethiopia – Project Officer:

Under the overall authority of the Assistant Director-General for Education, with guidance from the Director of the Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA), and direct supervision of the IICBA Senior Education Programme Specialist, the incumbent will be responsible for providing support to UNESCO and IICBA’s work on Education for Health and Wellbeing (EHW) programs in the Africa region, as well as providing technical guidance at the African Union Continental Conference. The incumbent is also expected to work within the framing of the “Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future” (O3) Programme to ensure effective planning, implementation, and monitoring of teacher training programs for EHW. S/he will specifically perform the following duties:



Program and technical support on EHW;

  • Coordinate the implementation of UNESCO and IICBA’s teacher education programs for health and well-being in the African region.
  • In consultation with the Section for Health and Education, UNESCO’s Regional HIV and Health Advisors, and country offices, provide assistance in the development of new tools and resources for effective and high-quality pre-and in-service teacher training and capacity development programs for health education.
  • Work with member states to strengthen systems for continuous professional development of teachers and teacher educators on EHW.
  • Assist the progressed development and roll-out of online teacher training courses on EHW and other innovative approaches for scaling-up teacher training.
  • Generate updates and contribute to yearly and biannual reports on the Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future program’s execution for the UNESCO Executive Board and donors.
  • Liaise with the UN and development partner’s working groups and actively participate in cluster and coordination meetings at the regional and African Union level in line with the mandate and priorities of UNESCO and IICBA’s work on EHW in Africa.
  • In carrying out these responsibilities, the incumbent will collaborate with the UNESCO Division for Health and Education, UNESCO’s Africa Regional Advisers for EHW, and country offices. S/he will also ensure consistency with other IICBA health-related activities, such as school health.d

Collaboration with the AUC CESA Clusters;

In coordination with IICBA’s Director and IICBA’s Senior Education Programme Specialist, represent IICBA at the African Union Continental Education Strategy for Africa (2016-2025) Thematic Clusters on (i) Women and girls; (ii) Life skills; and (iii) School feeding and support the development of a continental strategy for EHW for teachers.

  • Establish, sustain, develop, and expand IICBA’s collaboration with selected departments of the African Union Commission (AUC) to ensure that EHW teacher issues are effectively reflected in relevant AU policies and programs.
  • Promote and advocate for areas of collaboration with other UN agencies in support of the AUC’s and UNESCO’s strategy on EHW, including providing policy support and technical guidance for joint regional programs and dialogue at the country level.
  • Create and distribute regular policy and guidance notes to UNESCO-IICBA, the “Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future” (O3) program, and donors on the continent in order to ensure that UNESCO-IICBA works on the continent is consistent and supportive of AUC direction on teaching and learning issues related to Education for Health and Wellbeing in Africa.
  • Provide expert analysis and advice on the implications of key AUC documents, discussions, and decisions for EHW in line with other cross-cutting areas affecting the teaching professions such as education in emergencies, migration and displacement, peacebuilding, and other humanitarian operations for UNESCO-IICBA.

Orientation, assistance, and professional development;

  • Provide technical support, capacity building, and mentorship to UNESCO national program officers and focal points towards the implementation of quality teacher education and training on EHW.
  • Offer technical assistance and coaching to member countries in order to develop and devise creative approaches to scale up EHW training programs in Africa for pre-and in-service teachers.
  • Generate updates and contribute to yearly and biannual reports on the Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future program’s execution for the UNESCO Executive Board and donors.
  • Support UNESCO’s strategies on strengthening HIV prevention and comprehensive sexuality education through teacher training and higher education in line with SDG4 – Education 2030 and the AU (2063) agenda.

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Necessary Requirements:


  • Advanced university degree (Master, Ph.D. preferred) in education, social sciences, public health, or closely related field(s).

Job Experience:

  • Minimum of four years of relevant professional experience in one or more of the following areas: teacher training, curriculum development, HIV and sexuality education, health education, school health, nutrition, comprehensive sexuality education, or areas closely connected to these.
  • Experience in and understanding of the African Union region, the CESA (2016-25), and the education sector in African countries.
  • Experience in health education programs, especially for adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues, and gender equality.
  • Experience with teacher education and curriculum development.
  • Expertise with digital tools for large-scale teacher training could be a valued skill.

Competence and abilities;

  • Research abilities as evidenced by a publishing record and contributions to policy suggestions.
  • Strong organizing, networking, and relationship-building abilities.
  • Good computing skills with excellent writing skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, tact and diplomacy; and
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and meet deadlines when working under duress.

Required Langauge:

  • Excellent knowledge is (oral and written) in English.


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