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2023–2024 AACR Research Training Fellowships in the USA

Opportunity Deadline

August 31, 2023
PhD Degree
All Nationalities
Male, Female, Both
United States

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Opportunity Details

2023–2024 AACR Research Training Fellowships in the USA

The AACR Research Training Fellowships give academic clinicians a unique opportunity to receive specialized industry-academic clinical training with a focus on drug development. These fellowships in the USA, which are offered by AACR’s pharmaceutical sector partners, are made to make practical training at their facilities easier. Each selected fellow receives a generous $100,000 stipend for a year to support their training and analysis efforts and to allow them to completely commit their time and energy to the training program. Due to the fact that their living expenses and other training-related expenditures are covered by this stipend, they are free to concentrate solely on learning new skills and knowledge.

The CORE research fellowships’ main goal is to encourage collaboration between academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. The initiative expedites the conversion of cutting-edge research discoveries into potential cures and treatments for cancer patients by combining the finest aspects of both worlds. The collaboration between academic institutions and business partners is mutually advantageous and advances the battle against cancer as a whole.

The fellowship in the USA is designed primarily for clinical scientists who are just starting out in their professions and have a medical degree (MD, DO, or MD/PhD). It seeks to give students insightful knowledge and experience in drug discovery, concentrating on the viewpoint of the pharmaceutical business. International fellows will have the ability to gain hands-on experience in a variety of areas of drug development, including clinical research, clinical trial design, and data analysis, during this training fellowship in the USA, International fellows will have the option to gain hands-on experience in a range of drug development-related fields, including clinical research, clinical trial design, and data analysis. They get practical knowledge and skills that are essential for their professional growth in the areas of drug development and clinical research thanks to this practical experience.

Throughout the 12-month program, the fellow is in charge of carrying out clinical moves and research initiatives. There may also be opportunities to explore into new specialty areas, such preclinical research or biomarker development, depending on the fellow’s background. Additionally, the program offers fellows opportunities to publish and discuss their finished work, enabling them to highlight their contributions to the scientific community.

The initiative has partnered with a variety of business stakeholders, each with a special area of interest. AstraZeneca is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and specializes in medical affairs’ late-stage clinical development, mainly in the hematology/oncology sector.

The location of Johnson & Johnson’s plant has not yet been decided, although the greater Boston or Philadelphia areas are being considered as potential locations. With a focus on interventional immuno-oncology therapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), they are actively involved in early-stage clinical development. In addition, they are working on a clinical growth program for lung cancer prevention in high-risk individuals. So please review the information below and apply if you are a student or researcher interested in clinical analysis.

Duration: 1 year

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The AACR Research Training Fellowships are described in further detail below.

  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: August 31, 2023
  • Country: USA

Benefits of American AACR Research Training Fellowships

  • The $100,000 large stipend that fellows get for the program’s one year is quite generous.
  • They are able to completely concentrate on their training and research because to the financial help they get.
    a chance to obtain real-world experience in clinical trial design, clinical research, and medication development.
  • The fellowship promotes communication between the pharmaceutical business and academia by giving fellows the chance to collaborate with top researchers and authorities from well-known pharmaceutical firms.
    a rare opportunity to further the development of possible cancer medicines and the fight against cancer.
  • Fellows join a vibrant community of scholars and professionals, giving them beneficial networking opportunities.
  • The fellowship gives fellows the opportunity to publish and showcase their finished products.
  • Early-career clinical scientists might have a life-changing experience through the AACR research training fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria of AACR Research Training Fellowships:

At the beginning of the grant term, nominees must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must not be enrolled in another doctorate program and hold an appropriate medical degree (such as an MD, DO, or MD/PhD).
  • be accepted into a fellowship program in haematology or oncology in a U.S. academic, medical, or research facility.
  • Not work for or be connected to any for-profit commercial sector organization or US government agency.
  • Additionally, this funding is not open to clinical fellows working for a US government agency (NIH, CDC, FDA).
  • If the nominee is not a US citizen, they must make sure that their visa status allows them to work at the host school and perform the fellowship on-site with the industry partner.
  • All candidates must be AACR members. In order to apply for this award, nonmembers shouldsubmit an acceptable AACR membership application before the deadline.
  • For consideration for the Johnson & Johnson award, candidates must either be women or members of an underrepresented minority as specified by the NIH regulations.
 Needed Documents:
  • Curriculum vitae Reference letter(s)
  • Biographical Sketch of an Academic Mentor
  • Application form filled out and signed by all required parties

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How to Apply:

  • You can send your application for an AACR Research Training Fellowship by email at grants@aacr.org.
  • A designated AACR Scientific Review Committee will examine the applications that have been submitted.
  • Successful fellows will learn of their selection following the evaluation process.
  • The chosen fellow, the fellow’s institution, and the industrial partner will come to a mutually agreeable date for the start of the grant period.
  • All supporting documentation must be sent as email attachments with the subject line “AACR CORE Training
  • Fellowship Application Submission,” according to nominees.

Deadline for Clinical Oncology Research Training:

  • The AACR research training scholarships in the USA have a deadline of August 31, 2023, at 5:00 PM.

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