2023 EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships

February 26, 2023

EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships for 2023 are offered for Business Administration MBA degrees. Applying for this scholarship is possible by going here. The submission date for your application varies. The value of this scholarship, which is offered by the Edhec Management School, is just tuition charges, and a 20% to 50% fee remission. All nationalities are eligible for this scholarship.

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Short Information About 2023 EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships

  • Global MBA Scholarships are available from the EDHEC Business School to pursue MBA.
  • There are four types of EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships: Excellence Scholarships, Premium Scholarships, Merit Scholarships, Make an Impact Scholarships, Diversity Scholarships, and Scholarships for Students of First Nationality.
  • There is no separate application for the EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships that candidates must submit.
  • To qualify for the award, applicants must be accepted into the Global MBA program.

Advantages of 2023 EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships

  • The applicant’s GMAT Score of 720 or over and the recipients get 50% of 20,900 euros tuition fees.
  • The applicant’s GMAT scores of 650-710 and the recipients get 40% of the 25,080 euros tuition fees.
  • The recipients of Merit Scholarships get 30% of 29,260 euros tuition fees based on their GMAT score and academic potential.
  • The 1st Nationality Scholarships applicants should be enrolled amongst the first 3 enrolled per country and get 20% of 33,440 euros.


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